2013-11-26 Andrew Shaduradebian: initscripts: Update Breaks for ifupdown jessie-pending
2013-11-26 Andrew Shaduradebian: initscripts: Use ifquery --state.
2013-10-20 Roger Leighdebian: Mount pstore and Close #722179
2013-10-20 Roger Leighdebian: Bump version to 2.88dsf-44
2013-07-15 Roger Leighdebian: Bump version to 2.88dsf-43 and close #716923 debian/sysvinit-2.88dsf-43
2013-07-15 Michael Stapelbergdebian: update-rc.d: reimplement make_path
2013-07-13 Roger Leighdebian: checkroot only runs findmnt on linux debian/sysvinit-2.88dsf-42
2013-07-13 Roger Leighdebian: Don't use absolute paths in postinst
2013-07-13 Roger Leighdebian: Don't clean debian/copyright
2013-07-13 Roger Leighdebian: Add lintian overrides for script LSB dependencies
2013-07-13 Roger Leighdebian: Remove mtab rc.d links in initscripts postinst
2013-07-13 Roger Leighdebian: Update to Standards-Version 3.9.4
2013-07-13 Roger Leighdebian: Don't generate copyright
2013-07-13 Roger Leighdebian: initscripts postinst no longer uses
2013-07-13 Roger Leighdebian: Set distribution to unstable
2013-07-13 Roger Leighdebian: Close #701956
2013-07-13 Ben Kleindebian: skips fsck of btrfs filesystems
2013-07-13 Roger Leighdebian: Remove static runlevel usage in maintainer...
2013-07-13 Roger Leighdebian: update-rc.d doesn't validate default null arguments
2013-07-13 Roger Leighdebian: update-rc.d only checks args for start and...
2013-07-13 Roger Leighdebian: Close #606505
2013-07-13 Roger Leighdebian: Document update-rc.d changes
2013-07-13 Roger Leighupdated-rc.d.8: Remove sequencing options and start...
2013-07-13 Roger Leighupdate-rc.d: Remove support for non-dependency-based...
2013-05-29 Steve LangasekAlso mark initscripts Multi-Arch: foreign, for similar...
2013-05-29 Steve LangasekMark sysv-rc Multi-Arch: foreign, now that debhelper...
2013-05-19 Roger Leighdebian: Document bootlogd changes
2013-05-19 Roger Leighdebian: bootlogd logs to /run/bootlog
2013-05-19 Roger Leighdebian: Close #423528
2013-05-19 Arnaud Fontainedebian: Ensure bootlogd output is flushed
2013-05-19 Roger Leighdebian: Clean up legacy migration logic in maintainer...
2013-05-19 Roger Leighdebian: Correct bootchart Breaks and close #694252
2013-05-18 Steve LangasekDrop long-incorrect comment
2013-05-18 Steve LangasekDrop maintainer script migration code for versions...
2013-05-17 Steve LangasekFix name of the .maintscript helper file so that it...
2013-05-17 Steve LangasekFix up the versions; -42 has not been released yet
2013-05-17 Steve LangasekProperly clean up bootlogd conffiles on upgrade using...
2013-05-17 Steve Langasekdebian/sysv-rc/sbin/invoke-rc.d: replace RUNLEVEL with...
2013-05-17 Steve LangasekRedirect error output from 'initctl version', suppressi...
2013-05-17 Steve LangasekUpdate service(8) manpage to document the support for...
2013-05-17 Steve LangasekFix 'service $foo restart' implementation for upstart...
2013-05-17 Steve LangasekMove debian/postinst to debian/sysvinit.postinst; this...
2013-05-17 Steve LangasekDon't duplicate the /etc/default/rcS conffile with...
2013-05-16 Steve LangasekRelax the Breaks: on upstart for compatibility with...
2013-05-16 Steve Langasek/etc/default/rcS is a conffile; remove postinst code...
2013-05-15 Steve LangasekKill pointless script-not-executable overrides for...
2013-05-08 Pino Toscanoimprove changelog about no "nodev" on hurd
2013-05-05 Pino do not add "nodev" to the mount...
2013-05-05 Pino ToscanoUpdate inittab.gnu to the new path of Hurd's getty
2013-05-04 Roger Leighdebian: Bump version to 2.88dsf-42
2013-05-04 Roger LeighMerge branch 'jessie-pending'
2013-04-14 Roger Leighdebian: Set distribution to experimental debian/sysvinit-2.88dsf-41+jessie1
2013-04-14 Roger Leighdebian: Fix changelog
2013-04-14 Roger Leighdebian: Close #705052
2013-04-14 Timo Weingärtnermountsnfs: Skip lo if already configured
2013-04-14 Martin-Éric... debian: Fix typo in invoke-rc.d(8) and close #683804
2013-04-11 Michael BieblDon't enable/disable systemd service on 'defaults'...
2013-04-11 Michael Stapelbergservice(8): also start/stop systemd .socket units
2013-04-10 Michael Stapelberginvoke-rc.d(8): call systemctl daemon-reload within...
2013-04-09 Roger Leighdebian: Drop from initscripts.conffiles
2013-04-09 Michael Stapelbergdebian: update changelog entry
2013-04-09 Michael Stapelberginvoke-rc.d(8): make force-reload work according to...
2013-04-09 Michael Stapelbergdebian: Close #704923
2013-04-09 Michael Stapelbergservice(8): use systemctl on machines that run systemd
2013-04-09 Michael Stapelbergdebian: Close #703571
2013-04-09 Michael Stapelbergsystemd: update check to look for /run/systemd/system
2013-02-24 Roger Leighdebian: Close #630723
2013-02-23 Roger Leighdebian: Close #701031
2013-02-23 Raphaël Hertzoginitscripts: Remove break from case blocks in
2013-02-23 Roger Leighdebian: initscripts: Remove code for mtab generation
2013-02-23 Roger Leighdebian: Close #693960
2013-02-23 Johannes Truschniggdebian: Document length limit of 127 in inittab process...
2013-02-23 Roger Leighdebian: Use /run/nologin and close #660862
2013-02-23 Michael StapelbergEnable/disable systemd service on 'defaults' and 'remove'
2013-02-23 Roger Leighdebian: Close #683084
2013-02-23 Michael Stapelbergsysv-rc: Add systemd support to update-rc.d and invoke...
2013-02-07 Roger Leighdebian: Correct inittab creation and close #700051 debian/sysvinit-2.88dsf-41
2013-02-03 Roger Leighdebian: Close #663009, #699523 and #699566 debian/sysvinit-2.88dsf-40
2013-01-26 Roger Leighdebian: Make sysvinit control channel migration more... debian/sysvinit-2.88dsf-39
2013-01-26 Roger Leighdebian: sysvinit postinst creates compat initctl link...
2013-01-26 Roger Leighdebian: Bump version and close #698966
2013-01-24 Roger Leighdebian: Set distribution to unstable debian/sysvinit-2.88dsf-38
2013-01-23 Roger Leighdebian: Make fstab globbing completely robust
2013-01-23 Roger Leighdebian: Bump version to 2.88dsf-36 and close #663009
2013-01-23 Roger Leighdebian: If pidof fails, default to PID 1
2013-01-14 Roger Leighdebian: Bump version to 2.88dsf-36 and close #697994 debian/sysvinit-2.88dsf-37
2013-01-12 Roger Leighdebian: Set distribution to unstable debian/sysvinit-2.88dsf-36
2013-01-12 Roger Leighdebian: Bump version to 2.88dsf-36 and close #697537
2012-12-17 Roger Leighdebian: Set distribution to unstable debian/sysvinit-2.88dsf-35
2012-12-17 Roger Leighdebian: Close #694961
2012-12-17 Roger LeighMerge branch 'shm'
2012-12-17 Roger Leighdebian: Mount tmpfs on /dev/shm if an fstab entry exist...
2012-12-01 Roger Leighdebian: Remove nfsbooted conflict
2012-11-29 Roger Leighdebian: Fix misspelled name
2012-11-29 Roger Leighdebian: Close #694252
2012-11-29 David PrévotFix German translation charset
2012-11-16 Steve Langasekreleasing version 2.88dsf-34 debian/sysvinit-2.88dsf-34
2012-11-16 Steve Langasekinitscripts.postinst: hide from lintian the fact that...
2012-11-16 Steve LangasekAdd changelog entry for previous commit
2012-11-16 Roger Leighinitscripts: Don't run mountall until checkroot-bootcle...