2014-02-24 Tino Mettler1.4-2 package master debian/1.4-2
2014-02-21 Tino Mettler1.4-1 package debian/1.4-1
2014-02-21 Tino MettlerAdd sections for files previously missing in copyright...
2014-02-21 Tino MettlerFix upgrade from versions before due to file...
2014-02-21 Tino MettlerFix FTBFS due to erroneously hardcoded x86_64 path...
2014-02-21 Tino MettlerAllow parallel builds
2014-02-21 Tino MettlerAdjust Maintainer: field to new surname
2014-02-21 Tino MettlerNew upstream release
2014-02-21 Tino MettlerMerge tag 'upstream/1.4'
2014-02-16 Patrick Ohlyautotools, NEWS: SyncEvolution 1.4 upstream patches/1.4-1 upstream/1.4
2014-02-16 Patrick Ohlyautotools: fix version check
2014-02-16 Patrick OhlyD-Bus testing: must ping server more often in testNoTerm
2014-02-16 Patrick Ohlyautotools: fix temp file vulnerability during compilati...
2014-02-13 Patrick OhlyD-Bus testing: more debug output for testNoTerm
2014-02-13 Patrick Ohlytesting: ignore repeated TZID suffices
2014-02-13 Patrick OhlyPIM testing: remove some debug print
2014-02-12 Patrick OhlyD-Bus testing: remove race condition in testNoParent
2014-02-12 Patrick Ohlytesting: ignore Google CalDAV backslash encoding problem
2014-02-12 Patrick OhlyD-Bus testing: allow more time when running under valgrind
2014-02-12 Patrick Ohlytesting: ignore some minor (false) valgrind leaks
2014-02-12 Patrick Ohlytesting: ignore Memotoo X-AIM merge failure
2014-02-12 Patrick Ohlytesting: ignore Google CardDAV X- testRemoveProperties...
2014-02-12 Patrick Ohlytesting: limit Akonadi unit testing
2014-02-12 Patrick Ohlyglib: fix double-free of source tags
2014-02-12 Patrick Ohlylibical: compatibiliy mode for and libical...
2014-02-03 Patrick Ohlytesting: parallel
2014-02-02 Patrick Ohlytesting: more time for TestCmdline.testSyncOutput2
2014-02-02 Patrick Ohlytesting: wait for syncevo-http-server, enable more...
2014-02-02 Patrick Ohlytesting: wait for background daemon in wrappercheck
2014-02-02 Patrick Ohlytesting: wait for background daemon in wrappercheck
2014-02-02 Patrick Ohlytesting: more resilient
2014-01-31 Tino Keitel1.3.99.7-1 package debian/
2014-01-31 Tino KeitelAdd NEWS item to describe changes regarding KDE and...
2014-01-30 Tino KeitelUpdate standards version to 3.9.5, no changes needed
2014-01-30 Tino KeitelEnable Akonadi support, separate Evolution (GNOME)...
2014-01-30 Tino KeitelNew upstream release candidate
2014-01-30 Tino KeitelMerge tag 'upstream/'
2014-01-23 Patrick OhlyMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/for-master/release'
2014-01-22 Patrick Ohlyautotools, NEWS: SyncEvolution upstream/
2014-01-22 Patrick Ohlyautotools: build issue with PIM Manager + boost-locale
2014-01-20 Patrick Ohlyautotools, NEWS: SyncEvolution
2014-01-20 Patrick Ohlyautotools: fix rpm packages and description (FDO #73347)
2014-01-17 Patrick OhlyForkExec: ignore unexpected SIGKILL
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlymessage resend: be more conservative
2014-01-17 Patrick OhlyPIM testing: try to use EDS for E.164 normalization...
2014-01-17 Patrick OhlyPIM testing: fix failure in testLocaledPhone
2014-01-17 Patrick OhlyD-Bus testing: fix and enhance TestHTTP
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlysyncevo-http-server: log port which is used
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlytesting: help scan-tool by adding noreturn annotations
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlytesting: avoid false scan-tool warning
2014-01-17 Patrick OhlyEDS: fix false clang warning
2014-01-17 Patrick OhlySuspendFlags: avoid scan-build warning
2014-01-17 Patrick OhlyGNOME Bluetooth: fix false (?) buffer overflow
2014-01-17 Patrick OhlyD-Bus server: avoid scan-tool false positive
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlysqlite: dead code removal
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlycore: mark error throwing or exit functions as SE_NORETURN
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlycore: add SE_NORETURN
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlytesting: include cppcheck
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlycppcheck: suppress warnings
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlytesting: fix naming of log files in doCopy()
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlytesting: cppcheck redundant assignment
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlytesting: avoid unitialized members after constructor
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlylocal sync: avoid redundant ConfigNode instances
2014-01-17 Patrick OhlyGTK-UIs: avoid unnecessary variable initialization
2014-01-17 Patrick OhlyGDBus libdbus: fix realloc error handling
2014-01-17 Patrick OhlyWebDAV: fix cppcheck warning about uninitialized memory...
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlymaemo: don't rely on close() to free resources
2014-01-17 Patrick OhlyEDS contacts: better check SYNCEVOLUTION_EDS_ACCESS_MOD...
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlycppcheck performance: function parameter should be...
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlycppcheck performance: possible inefficient checking...
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlycppcheck performance: Prefer prefix ++/-- operators...
2014-01-17 Patrick OhlyOS X Addressbook: ignore cppcheck warning
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlyactivesync: code cleanup (cppcheck)
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlypackaging: support EDS 3.10, fix dependencies
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlypackaging: remove redundant ADD_EXTRA_PACKAGES
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlypackaging: update syncevolution-kde dependencies
2014-01-17 Patrick OhlyD-Bus testing: use different ports for http server...
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlytesting: separate distcheck
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlytesting: do not rely on "compile" being enabled
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlytesting: allow invoking multiple times for...
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlytesting: log PID of
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlytesting: handle output.txt files with multiple entries...
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlytesting: support result checking in platforms which...
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlytesting: be more careful when cleaning up D-Bus session
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlytesting: compile with lower priority
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlytesting: fix source checkout
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlytesting: don't overwrite LD_LIBRARY_PATH and PATH
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlytesting: support make's jobserver to control number...
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlytesting: use Murphy to control resource access during...
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlytesting: automatically flush output
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlytesting: include timing information in output
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlytesting: prepare running in incomplete chroots
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlytesting: update packaging and testing of pre-compiled...
2014-01-17 Patrick OhlyD-Bus testing: cover auto-sync + command line session...
2014-01-17 Patrick OhlyD-Bus testing: compatibility with Python < 2.7
2014-01-17 Patrick OhlyD-Bus testing: fix glib timeout duration
2014-01-17 Patrick OhlyD-Bus server: fix abort when mixing auto-sync and manua...
2014-01-17 Patrick Ohlyconfig: clarify autoSyncInterval
2014-01-14 Patrick OhlyEDS: no longer depends on EDS
2014-01-09 Patrick OhlyD-Bus server: accept WBXML with charset in incoming...