2010-02-11 Frans PopSet LSB Provides field in qcontrol init script svn/debian
2009-12-07 Frans PopUpdate man page
2009-12-07 Frans PopNo longer include example LUA configuration file
2009-12-07 Frans Popqcommand (udeb): use --direct option
2009-12-07 Frans PopUpdate Debian LUA configuration files
2009-12-07 Frans PopStart qcontrol daemon during system boot
2009-12-07 Frans PopRename init script (to preferred name for debhelper)
2009-12-07 Frans PopOpen changelog entry
2009-12-07 Frans PopDrop patches that have been applied upstream
2009-12-07 Frans PopUpdate patch 001_Statically_compile_lua_for_udeb
2009-12-07 Frans PopMerge branch 'svn/upstream' into svn/debian
2009-12-07 Frans PopImport upstream snapshot (revision 31)
2009-11-23 Frans PopPrepare for release v0.4.2-5
2009-11-23 Frans PopAlso add support for TS-419U to udeb
2009-11-14 Frans PopPrepare for release v0.4.2-4
2009-11-14 Frans PopUpdate supported devices in documentation
2009-11-14 Frans PopAdd support for QNAP TS-419U
2009-11-06 Frans PopLet USB headers match default update-rc.d stop levels
2009-09-10 Frans PopPrepare for release v0.4.2-3
2009-09-10 Frans PopRemove custom udev rules file added in Lenny update...
2009-09-10 Frans PopDrop arm from architecture list
2009-08-21 Frans PopAdd Vsc-{Git,Browser} fields in debian/control
2009-08-20 Frans PopPrepare for release v0.4.2-2
2009-08-20 Frans PopAdd support for autopower feature.
2009-08-20 Frans PopAdd support for the QNAP TS-119 and TS-219
2009-08-20 Frans PopUse bash for the init script as dash does not support...
2009-08-20 Frans PopUpdate input device for udev (0.141-2)
2009-08-20 Frans PopNeed to remove qcontrol.udeb from debian rules
2009-08-20 Frans PopUpdate config values for restart and media buttons
2009-08-20 Frans PopRevert upstream changes to upstream config.lua
2009-08-20 Frans PopStatically compile lua into qcontrol for the udeb
2009-08-20 Frans PopRevert upstream changes to upstream Makefile
2009-08-20 Frans PopAdd README.source for quilt
2009-08-20 Frans PopPrepare build system to use quilt to manage patches...
2009-08-20 Frans PopUpdate standards version to 3.8.3
2008-08-11 Frans PopPrepare for release v0.4.2-1
2008-08-11 Frans PopModify /etc/modules during base-installer instead of...
2008-08-11 Frans PopAdd bug closure
2008-08-11 Frans PopUpdate config values for restart and media buttons
2008-08-11 Frans PopUpdate scripts and documentation for addition of TS...
2008-08-11 Frans PopChange configuration file handling to support multiple...
2008-08-10 Frans PopMerge branch 'upstream' into debian -- new upstream...
2008-08-10 Frans PopImport upstream version 0.4.2 upstream v0.4.2U
2008-07-14 Frans PopPrepare for release v0.4.1-3D
2008-07-14 Frans PopRemove workaround for missing persistent-input rules
2008-07-14 Frans PopAdd gpio_keys to /etc/modules in target instead of...
2008-07-13 Frans PopFix comment; thanks to tbm
2008-07-03 Frans PopPrepare for release v0.4.1-2D
2008-07-03 Frans PopImprove the way additional scripts are included in...
2008-06-28 Frans PopFix errors in udeb
2008-06-16 Frans PopUpdate watch file for rename from piccontrol to qcontrol
2008-06-15 Frans PopFix typo
2008-06-12 Frans PopPrepare for release v0.4.1-1D
2008-06-12 Frans PopLet udeb depends on input-modules for gpio_keys
2008-06-12 Frans PopStatically compile lua into qcontrol for the udeb
2008-06-12 Frans PopSet bug closure for ITP
2008-06-12 Frans PopSupport for Debian Installer
2008-06-12 Frans PopImprove, update and extend the manpage, package descrip...
2008-06-12 Frans PopAdd ToDo list
2008-06-12 Frans PopUpdate init script
2008-06-12 Frans PopUse by-id path for event character device file
2008-06-12 Frans PopDisable temperature monitoring and fan control
2008-06-12 Frans PopAdd lua configuration file
2008-06-12 Frans PopAdd build dependency on liblua5.1-0-dev
2008-06-12 Frans PopUpstream rename of program from piccontrol to qcontrol
2008-06-12 Frans PopMinor upstream fixups
2008-05-28 Frans PopImport upstream version 0.4.1
2008-05-28 Frans PopImport upstream version 0.4.1 v0.4.1U
2008-04-03 Frans PopAdd debian packaging; adds init script and man page v0.2-1D
2008-03-24 Frans PopImport upstream version 0.2 v0.2U