descriptionPackaging for mingw-w64
ownerStephen Kitt
last changeSun, 27 Jul 2014 21:51:12 +0000 (23:51 +0200)
2014-07-27 Stephen KittRelease. master debian/3.1.0-4
2014-07-27 Stephen KittUpdate strtok_r.patch as done upstream, to remove the...
2014-07-21 Stephen KittRelease. debian/3.1.0-3
2014-07-21 Stephen KittSmall typo fix on 'targeting' in mingw-w64's descriptio...
2014-07-21 Stephen KittMerge upstream implementation of strtok_r.
2014-07-16 Stephen Kittg++-mingw-w64 exists separately in stable, drop obsolet...
2014-06-08 Stephen KittRelease. debian/3.1.0-2
2014-06-08 Stephen KittSuggest wine and wine64.
2014-06-08 Stephen KittApply upstream patch to __mingw_wcstold to handle NULL...
2014-05-07 Stephen KittUse strtok_s to implement strtok_r.
2014-01-10 Stephen KittRelease. debian/3.1.0-1
2014-01-10 Stephen KittDrop patch from libvfw32.patch; it's regene...
2014-01-10 Stephen KittStandards-Version 3.9.5, no change required.
2014-01-10 Stephen KittAdd support for hppa; thanks to John David Anglin for...
2014-01-10 Stephen KittNew upstream release.
2014-01-10 Stephen KittMerge tag 'upstream/3.1.0'
3 weeks ago debian/3.1.0-4 mingw-w64 Debian release 3.1.0-4
4 weeks ago debian/3.1.0-3 mingw-w64 Debian release 3.1.0-3
2 months ago debian/3.1.0-2 mingw-w64 Debian release 3.1.0-2
7 months ago debian/3.1.0-1 mingw-w64 Debian release 3.1.0-1
7 months ago upstream/3.1.0 Upstream version 3.1.0
10 months ago debian/3.0.0-2 mingw-w64 Debian release 3.0.0-2
11 months ago debian/3.0.0-1 mingw-w64 Debian release 3.0.0-1
11 months ago upstream/3.0.0 Upstream version 3.0.0
11 months ago debian/3.0_svn6246-1 mingw-w64 Debian release 3.0~svn6246-1
11 months ago upstream/3.0_svn6246 Upstream version 3.0~svn6246
13 months ago debian/3.0_svn5915-1 mingw-w64 Debian release 3.0~svn5915-1
13 months ago upstream/3.0_svn5915 Upstream version 3.0~svn5915
14 months ago debian/2.0.8-1 mingw-w64 Debian release 2.0.8-1
14 months ago debian/3.0_svn5914-3 mingw-w64 Debian release 3.0~svn5914-3
14 months ago debian/3.0_svn5914-1 mingw-w64 Debian release 3.0~svn5914-1
14 months ago debian/3.0_svn5914-2 mingw-w64 Debian release 3.0~svn5914-2
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