descriptionPackaging of libgc
ownerChristoph Egger
last changeMon, 23 Dec 2013 12:27:31 +0000 (13:27 +0100)
2013-12-23 Christoph EggerRun full autoreconf during build (Closes: #732349) master debian/1%7.2d-6
2013-12-23 Christoph EggerAdd Replaces: libgc1c3 for Ubuntu debian/1%7.2d-5
2013-07-02 Christoph EggerImport refined symbols for arm and mips debian/1%7.2d-4
2013-07-01 Christoph EggerUpload to unstable debian/1%7.2d-3
2013-07-01 Christoph EggerImport Symbol improvements
2013-06-09 Christoph EggerImport new upstream version
2013-06-09 Christoph EggerMerge tag 'upstream/7.2d'
2013-06-09 Christoph EggerImported Upstream version 7.2d upstream upstream/7.2d
2013-06-09 David PrévotImported Debian patch 1:7.1-9.1 debian/1%7.1-9.1
2013-06-09 Christoph EggerImported Upstream version 7.1 upstream/7.1
2012-12-27 Christoph EggerAdd symbols file for m68k
2012-07-08 Christoph EggerImport patches to fix CVE-2012-2673 from upstream git
2011-06-26 Christoph EggerInitial upstream branch.
2011-05-29 Christoph EggerFixes for -8
2011-03-02 Christoph Eggeradd -pthread to fix build with --no-add-needed debian/7.1-7
2011-03-02 Christoph EggerBroaden architecture support (hopefully fixing armhf...
7 months ago debian/1%7.2d-6 libgc Debian release 1:7.2d-6
7 months ago debian/1%7.2d-5 libgc Debian release 1:7.2d-5
12 months ago debian/1%7.2d-4 Debian release 1:7.2d-4
12 months ago debian/1%7.2d-3 Debian release 1:7.2d-3
13 months ago upstream/7.2d Upstream version 7.2d
13 months ago debian/1%7.1-9.1 Debian release 1:7.1-9.1
13 months ago upstream/7.1 Upstream version 7.1
3 years ago debian/7.1-7
3 years ago debian/7.1-6
3 years ago debian/7.1-4
4 years ago debian/7.1-3 tagging version debian/7.1-3
4 years ago debian/7.1-2 tagging version debian/7.1-2
4 years ago debian/7.1-1 tagging version debian/7.1-1
4 years ago 6.8-1.2
4 years ago debian/6.8-1.2
7 months ago master
13 months ago upstream