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last changeMon, 29 Jul 2013 20:12:02 +0000 (22:12 +0200)
2013-07-29 Mathieu MalaterreFix issue in date master
2012-04-04 Mathieu Malaterreprepare next upload debian/1.0.0+cvs20120330-3
2012-04-02 Mathieu Malaterrefix issue on arch were char is not signed debian/1.0.0+cvs20120330-2
2012-03-30 Mathieu MalaterrePackage is lintian error free, ready to upload debian/1.0.0+cvs20120330-1
2012-03-30 Mathieu MalaterreRemove dep to cdbs. Use hardening flags
2012-03-30 Mathieu MalaterreSwitch to 3.0 format
2012-03-30 Mathieu MalaterreRedo d/copyright file and minor tweaks
2012-03-30 Mathieu MalaterreMerge commit 'upstream/1.0.0+cvs20120330'
2012-03-30 Mathieu MalaterreImported Upstream version 1.0.0+cvs20120330 upstream upstream/1.0.0+cvs20120330
2012-03-30 Mathieu MalaterreWork on new release
2009-09-02 Mathieu Malaterreupdate debian/1.0.0+cvs20090716-3
2009-09-02 Mathieu Malaterreupdate changelog
2009-09-02 Mathieu Malaterreupdate copyright
2009-09-02 Mathieu MalaterreMerge git://
2009-08-30 Mathieu Malaterreupdate copyright
2009-08-05 Mathieu MalaterreFix my GPG Key
2 years ago debian/1.0.0+cvs20120330-3 tag debian/1.0.0+cvs20120330-3
2 years ago debian/1.0.0+cvs20120330-2 tagging debian/1.0.0+cvs20120330-2
2 years ago debian/1.0.0+cvs20120330-1 Tag 1.0.0+cvs20120330-1
2 years ago upstream/1.0.0+cvs20120330 Upstream version 1.0.0+cvs20120330
2 years ago debian/1.0.0+cvs20090716-3 Tagging 1.0.0+cvs20090716-3
4 years ago debian/1.0.0+cvs20090716-1 Debian release 1.0.0+cvs20090716-1
4 years ago upstream/1.0.0+cvs20090716 Upstream version 1.0.0+cvs20090716
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