Use = instead of == for string comparison in shell script
[collab-maint/flamerobin.git] / configure
2012-07-06 mghieUse boost thread for initial database connection
2011-04-30 mghie* Firebird client library stuff removed from bakefile...
2008-10-21 mghieconfigure recreated: min wxWidgets version is now 2...
2008-02-29 mghieconfigure recreated, Bakefile version adjusted to 0.2.3
2008-02-29 mghieconfigure recreated
2007-10-12 mghieconfigure recreated
2006-11-03 mghie* Additional include directories for windres (configure...
2006-02-24 mghie* Executable bit on scripts set
2005-12-21 mghie* Use autoconf to determine install prefix in Config.cpp
2005-09-03 mghieBugfix for configure based builds
2005-02-14 mghieBuild files and scripts recreated on Linux
2004-11-30 mghieSTC problem solved
2004-11-30 mghieUpdated build files
2004-11-29 mghieAdded configure script