descriptionELinks browser package for Debian
ownerY Giridhar Appaji Nag
last changeSat, 11 Jun 2011 15:18:47 +0000 (17:18 +0200)
2011-06-11 Moritz Muehlenhoffacknowledge NMUs and disable javascript support debian/unstable
2011-04-27 Kumar AppaiahPrepare for unstable upload unstable-0.12+pre5-3.2
2011-04-25 Kumar AppaiahAdd Ben Hutchings' patch to fix default cache control...
2011-04-15 Kumar AppaiahNon-maintainer upload. unstable-0.12+pre5-3.1
2011-02-15 Kumar AppaiahFix patch header in 06_551238_SMJS-FTBFS.diff
2010-09-10 Y Giridhar... First jab at fixing the spidermonkey heartbeat patch
2010-01-10 Y Giridhar... Fix lintian W:debhelper-but-no-misc-depends unstable-0.12+pre5-2
2010-01-10 Y Giridhar... changelog entry with maint email ID
2010-01-10 Y Giridhar... as_echo is not defined, use cat instead
2010-01-10 Y Giridhar... Add setitimer configuration option
2010-01-10 Y Giridhar... Move CONFIG_ECMASCRIPT_SMJS_HEARTBEAT to right place
2010-01-10 Y Giridhar... step 1 converting heartbeat patch to f31cf6f9
2010-01-09 Y Giridhar... Patch revised based on upstream git 9d8abd04
2009-10-16 Y Giridhar... Fix typo :s/convertor/converter/g
2009-10-16 Y Giridhar... Update Standards-Version to 3.8.3 (No changes required)
2009-10-16 Y Giridhar... Bug number is 551238 and not 550868
2 years ago unstable-0.12+pre5-3.2
3 years ago unstable-0.12+pre5-3.1
4 years ago unstable-0.12+pre5-2 Unstable 0.12~pre5-2
4 years ago unstable-0.12+pre5-1 Unstable 0.12~pre5-1
4 years ago orig-0.12+pre5 Orig 0.12~pre5
4 years ago unstable-0.12+pre4-1 Unstable 0.12~pre4-1
4 years ago orig-0.12+pre4 Orig 0.12~pre4
4 years ago unstable-0.12+pre3-2 Unstable 0.12~pre3-2
5 years ago unstable-0.12+pre3-1 Unstable 0.12~pre3-1
5 years ago orig-0.12+pre3 Orig 0.12~pre3
5 years ago unstable-0.12+pre2.dsfg0-1 Unstable 0.12~pre2.dsfg0-1
5 years ago orig-0.12+pre2.dsfg0 Orig 0.12~pre2.dsfg0
5 years ago upstream-0.12+pre2 Upstream version 0.12~pre2
5 years ago exp-0.12+pre1-1 Experimental 0.12~pre1-1
5 years ago upstream-0.12+pre1 Upstream version 0.12~pre1
5 years ago unstable-0.11.4-3 Unstable 0.11.4-3
2 years ago debian/unstable
4 years ago pristine-tar
4 years ago orig/unstable
5 years ago debian/experimental
5 years ago orig/experimental
5 years ago debian/0.11.4
5 years ago master