descriptionDebian packaging for DokuWiki
ownerTanguy Ortolo
last changeFri, 18 Apr 2014 14:18:54 +0000 (16:18 +0200)
5 days ago Tanguy OrtoloPrepare upload to unstable master debian/0.0.20131208-2
5 days ago Tanguy OrtoloAdd an option to create a site without admin
5 days ago Tanguy OrtoloDanish template translation
5 days ago Tanguy OrtoloLet lintian ignore two minified JavaScript files
5 days ago Tanguy OrtoloDo not ask to restart zero webserver
2014-01-04 Tanguy OrtoloPrepare for upload to unstable debian/0.0.20131208-1
2014-01-04 Tanguy OrtoloSpanish template translation
2014-01-04 Tanguy OrtoloJapanese template translation
2014-01-04 Tanguy OrtoloAdd a DEP-3 header to the php-seclib patch
2014-01-04 Tanguy OrtoloCorrect French template translation
2014-01-04 Tanguy OrtoloUse package php-seclib
2014-01-04 Tanguy OrtoloIndicate embedded phpseclib license
2014-01-04 Tanguy OrtoloUpdate Standards-Version
2014-01-04 Tanguy OrtoloInclude lib/tpl/dok*/im*/b*-debian.png as binary
2014-01-04 Tanguy OrtoloRefresh patches
2014-01-04 Tanguy OrtoloUpdate changelog for new upstream version
5 days ago debian/0.0.20131208-2 Debian revision 0.0.20131208-2
3 months ago debian/0.0.20131208-1 Debian revision 0.0.20131208-1
3 months ago upstream/0.0.20131208 Upstream stable release 2013-12-08
4 months ago debian/0.0.20130510a-4 Debian revision 0.0.20130510a-4
4 months ago debian/0.0.20130510a-3 Debian revision 0.0.20130510a-3
5 months ago debian/0.0.20130510a-2 Debian revision 0.0.20130510a-2.
8 months ago debian/0.0.20130510a-1 Debian revision 0.0.20130510a-1.
10 months ago upstream/0.0.20130510a Upstream stable release 2013-05...
14 months ago debian/0.0.20121013-1 Debian revision 0.0.20121013-1
15 months ago upstream/0.0.20121013 Upstream stable release 2012-10-13.
18 months ago debian/0.0.20120125b-2 Debian revision 0.0.20120125b-2.
18 months ago debian/0.0.20120125b-1 Debian revision 0.0.20120125b-1.
20 months ago upstream/0.0.20120125b Upstream stable release 2012-01...
23 months ago debian/0.0.20120125a-1 Debian revision 0.0.20120125a-1.
23 months ago upstream/0.0.20120125a Ustream stable release 2012-01...
2 years ago debian/0.0.20120125-2 Debian revision 0.0.20120125-2.
5 days ago master
3 months ago tarball
15 months ago pristine-tar
20 months ago squeeze
2 years ago multisite
3 years ago lenny-backports