descriptionDebian-LAN development and packaging
ownerAndreas B. Mundt
last changeSun, 30 Mar 2014 15:08:08 +0000 (17:08 +0200)
2014-03-30 Andreas B.... Improved kerberos machine key distribution. master
2014-03-30 Andreas B.... Icinga: Check if diskless machines need any package...
2014-03-30 Andreas B.... Add check if the network (APT repository) is available.
2014-03-30 Andreas B.... Add hook to remove old partition tables before installa...
2014-03-25 Andreas B.... Fixes for jessie. Tested on mainserver and workstation.
2014-03-24 Andreas B.... Merge with FAI 4.1 examples config space.
2014-03-24 Andreas B.... Do not send notifications for host that are switched...
2013-12-05 Andreas B.... Get rid of leading and trailing whitespace in names.
2013-12-02 Andreas B.... Remove non-alphabetic characters from generated usernames.
2013-12-01 Andreas B.... Fixes and modifications in scripts: 'add2gosa' and...
2013-11-30 Andreas B.... Implement unburden-home-dir.
2013-11-30 Andreas B.... Fixes: Default desktop, squid as package proxy, ldapsc...
2013-11-05 Andreas B.... Switch to jessie repositories. Dracut by default in...
2013-10-18 Andreas B.... Switch from apt-cacher-ng to Squid as package cache.
2013-08-02 Andreas B.... Prepare release. debian/0.13
2013-07-23 Andreas B.... Improved firewall setup.
6 weeks ago debian/0.13_bpo70+4 debian-lan-config Debian release...
5 months ago debian/0.13_bpo70+3 debian-lan-config Debian release...
6 months ago debian/0.13_bpo70+2 debian-lan-config Debian release...
8 months ago debian/0.13 Debian release 0.13
10 months ago debian/0.12 Debian release 0.12
10 months ago debian/0.11 Debian release 0.11
11 months ago debian/0.10 Debian release 0.10
12 months ago debian/0.9 Debian release 0.9
13 months ago 0.8 Features since 0.7 ready and tested.
17 months ago 0.7squeeze New features ready for squeeze.
17 months ago 0.7 New features ready for wheezy.
2 years ago 0.6 Features since 0.5 ready and tested.
2 years ago 0.5 Setup_A ready
2 weeks ago wheezy
2 weeks ago master
14 months ago squeeze