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ownerNiels Thykier
last changeFri, 29 Jun 2012 22:33:02 +0000 (00:33 +0200)
2012-06-29 Niels ThykierRetire the repository master
2012-06-28 Niels ThykierRemove cruft in bug-661078 test
2012-06-28 Niels ThykierAdd test for known case of bug #661078
2012-06-28 Niels ThykierMove failing tests to a separate suite
2012-06-02 Niels ThykierAdd new test case "basic-dropped-binary"
2012-06-01 Niels ThykierAdd README.tests to explain how to write tests
2012-06-01 Niels ThykierMade auto-generation respect Architectures in "test...
2012-06-01 Niels ThykierAuto-generate some empty files when setuping up tests
2012-06-01 Niels ThykierCreate Hints symlink when setuping up the test
2012-06-01 Niels ThykierRemove redundant Hints symlinks
2012-06-01 Niels ThykierRemove redundant input/FauxPackages files
2012-06-01 Niels ThykierAdd new test "basic-uninst-rm"
2012-06-01 Niels Thykieruninst-trade: Make the trade less beneficial
2012-06-01 Niels ThykierAdd new test case basic-uninst-trade
2012-05-27 Niels ThykierFix Dates and Urgency for bug-614249 test
2012-05-27 Niels ThykierAdd draft regression test for #614249
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