descriptionPackaging for binutils-mingw-w64
ownerStephen Kitt
last changeSat, 10 Dec 2011 15:37:56 +0000 (16:37 +0100)
2011-12-10 Didier RaboudConfidently setting the DMUA-flag to yes. master debian/1
2011-11-30 Stephen KittUse correct versions for breaks/replaces.
2011-11-29 Stephen KittFix various Lintian warnings related to the package...
2011-11-29 Stephen KittSplit package into 32- and 64-bit specific versions.
2011-08-09 Stephen KittAdd our version to the generated binary package's version.
2011-08-09 Stephen KittAdd build-arch and build-indep targets.
2011-08-09 Stephen KittFix Lintian error about copyright templates.
2011-05-24 Stephen KittRequire binutils-source which provides... debian/0.3
2011-05-22 Stephen KittEnable LTO and plugin support (Closes: #626285).
2011-04-30 Stephen KittStandards-Version 3.9.2. debian/0.2
2011-04-30 Stephen KittAllow building on all architectures (Closes: #624545).
2011-03-27 Stephen KittConstrain the version in Built-Using correctly. debian/0.1
2011-03-27 Stephen KittAdd "Built-Using" field.
2011-03-18 Stephen KittLimit architectures to i386 and amd64.
2011-02-25 Stephen KittAdd flex and bison to the build dependencies.
2011-02-25 Stephen KittLink manpages for BFD variants of ld.
2 years ago debian/1
2 years ago debian/0.3
2 years ago debian/0.2 Debian release 0.2
3 years ago debian/0.1
3 years ago upstream/2.20.1 Upstream version 2.20.1
2 years ago master
3 years ago upstream