BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
archive-master[ARCHIVE] Add robots.txtFrank Lichtenheld3 years
db-rewritebinary packages parsing/processing via DBIDamyan Ivanov23 months
debian-masterreflect jessie releaseRhonda D'Vine46 hours
fastcgidocument fcgid in INSTALLCSILLAG Tamas20 months
masterFix typo deborts -> debportsSimon Paillard8 months
origins/stable/oldstable/Frank Lichtenheld8 years
sourcedeps[SOURCEDEPS] Update configuration for apt-ftparchiveFrank Lichtenheld6 years
ubuntu-archive[UBUNTU ARCHIVE] Adapt configuration to display the contents of old-releases.u.cFrank Lichtenheld6 years
ubuntu-masterProperly properly fix copyright URLRhonda D'Vine5 months
switch-to-templatescommit 61f260a9f3...Frank Lichtenheld
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-08-31Fix typo deborts -> debportsHEADmasterSimon Paillard
2014-03-12[tr] correct ordered variablesOnur Aslan
2014-02-12screenshots.d.n moved to HTTPS: use same scheme as packages.d.o accessSimon Paillard
2013-12-07[tr] fix minor typoOnur Aslan
2013-12-03add tr to polangsOnur Aslan
2013-12-03Initial Turkish translationOnur Aslan
2013-10-22use the gitweb link to browse the sourceGerfried Fuchs
2013-10-16mirrors: remove unofficial mirrorsSimon Paillard
2013-10-16Update debian-ports mirrors listSimon Paillard
2013-08-11syntax error found by cstamasDamyan Ivanov