BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
lenny-backportsMerge commit 'v2.10.69' into lenny-backportsGerfried Fuchs4 years
masterUpdate historyAndreas Tille20 months
squeezeRe-introduce changelog fix accidentally dropped for +squeeze2Adam D. Barratt3 years
squeeze-backportsRebuild for squeeze-backports.Christoph Berg3 years
2.12.1.bpo60+1commit 74824e494c...Christoph Berg3 years
2.12.1commit d7616df219...Benjamin Drung3 years
v2.12.0commit 2992cdc9c8...James McCoy3 years
v2.11.9commit 64f8ca40ed...Benjamin Drung3 years
v2.11.8commit a7bb6ee798...Benjamin Drung3 years
v2.11.7commit 31cb0f2284...James McCoy3 years
v2.11.6commit c0a20831fe...Benjamin Drung3 years
v2.11.5commit 9e5e92f6ee...Benjamin Drung3 years
v2.10.69+squeeze2commit f51f803604...Adam D. Barratt3 years
v2.11.4commit 53f6833af2...Adam D. Barratt3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-08-21Update historyHEADmasterAndreas Tille
2013-08-21Add Build-Depends: libtry-tiny-perl (Thanks to Sascha Girrulat <sascha@girrul...Andreas Tille
2013-08-17Add Build-Depends: libtry-tiny-perlAndreas Tille
2013-06-07Make sure uscan can handle non-machine readable copyright filesAndreas Tille
2013-01-07It was criticised by Nicolas Boulenguez in Tille
2012-11-07Document the new feature --exclude-vcs in man pageAndreas Tille
2012-11-07When repackaging a tarball anyway excluding any VCS cruft seems to be sensibl...Andreas Tille
2012-09-11Use system() instead of backticks (``) in cases where arbitrary user-provided...Andreas Tille
2012-09-06Warn about wrong copyright formatAndreas Tille
2012-09-04Make sure the change in the upstream source archive is realised even if only ...Andreas Tille