BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
conffile-funremove/replace/update debugging printf statementsSean Finney7 years
debconf-funinitial implementation of debconf frontend for conffile conflictsSean Finney7 years
masterUpdated Polish translation.Robert Luberda7 years
seanius-conffiledb-20090928implement 'm' option for conffile merging during conflict resolutionSean Finney5 years
seanius-conffiledb-20091011cmdline progSean Finney5 years
seanius-conffiledb-20091204split merge test into two testsSean Finney5 years
debconf-fun-poc-1commit 389e0b5d87...Sean Finney7 years
conffile-fun-poc-2commit f13ac4c057...Sean Finney7 years
conffile-fun-poc-1commit 4629752eb4...Sean Finney7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2008-02-24Updated Polish translation.HEADmasterRobert Luberda
2008-02-22Cleanup of some maintainer scriptsRaphael Hertzog
2008-02-22Fix groff in some manual pagesRaphael Hertzog
2008-02-22Fix usage of hyphens in some manual pagesRaphael Hertzog
2008-02-22* debian/*.lintian-overrides: Add some new overrides, drop unused onesRaphael Hertzog
2008-02-22* man/po/po4a.cfg: Also translate deb-symbols.5Raphael Hertzog
2008-02-22Fix make check to work on systems without dpkg in the standard PATHRaphael Hertzog
2008-02-20Adjust Dpkg::Changelog::parse_changelog() search list of parserRaphael Hertzog
2008-02-19Link dselect against libncurseswFrank Lichtenheld
2008-02-19dpkg-source.1: Fix description of -sk and -spFrank Lichtenheld