BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
htmlAutogenerated html pages for 0.26Rob Browning2 months
manAutogenerated man pages for 0.26Rob Browning2 months
mastersave: catch and log SSH errorsGabriel Filion6 days
tmp/bup-get-v6Add bup get; see the documentation for further information.Rob Browning5 months
tmp/bup-get-v7Add bup get; see the documentation for further information.Rob Browning6 days
tmp/fuse-meta-map-v1Add --map-uid/gid to "bup fuse".Rob Browning4 months
tmp/remove-commit-dir-v2Remove CommitDir, and avoid loading all commits at startup.Rob Browning4 months
tmp/sparse-restore-v4Add support for "restore --sparse"Rob Browning4 months
tmp/sparse-restore-v5Add support for "restore --sparse"Rob Browning2 months
0.26commit c16fd3fc28...Rob Browning2 months
0.26-rc2commit ab8abd11a5...Rob Browning2 months
0.26-rc1commit 16cd7cae81...Rob Browning4 months
0.25commit 5a7fd007e8...Rob Browning9 months
0.25-rc5commit 5a7fd007e8...Rob Browning9 months
0.25-rc3commit 81ad1e6871...Rob Browning12 months
bup-0.25-rc2commit 53ffc4d336...Rob Browning14 months
bup-0.25-rc1commit ff8576a37b...Avery Pennarun3 years
bup-0.24bcommit 92b297dcc9...Avery Pennarun3 years
bup-0.24acommit 629c52af42...Avery Pennarun4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
6 dayssave: catch and log SSH errorsHEADmasterGabriel Filion
2014-08-29Fix typo in atomically_replaced_file docstringRob Browning
2014-08-11Assume FS_IOC_GETFLAGS may trash output on errorMark J Hewitt
2014-08-08Handle kernel/FUSE disagreement over Linux attrsRob Browning
2014-08-08Only silence ENOENT in helpers.unlinkNathan Bird
2014-08-06atomically_replaced_file: ensure error leaves originalRob Browning
2014-08-05Merge work on atomic writesRob Browning use t/tmp as the tmpdir parentRob Browning
2014-08-05Adjust atomically_replaced_file documentation.Rob Browning
2014-08-05Add atomically_replaced_file for safer outputNathan Bird