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2011-05-06Update the date of revision.HEADv0.0.2masterRogério Brito
2011-05-06Reorder the references.Rogério Brito
2011-05-06Add that packaging must be compliant with the upstream software.Rogério Brito
2011-05-06Scribble a little bit regarding fonts with TeX.Rogério Brito
2011-05-06Mark that we should reorder the sections of the document.Rogério Brito
2011-05-06Initial description on how to maintain packages.Rogério Brito
2011-05-06Use a keywork of RFC2119.Rogério Brito
2011-05-06First revision of the text. Still much more to come.v0.0.1Rogério Brito
2011-05-05The 0-th (very) rough (and incomplete) draft of a Font Policy.v0.0.0Rogério Brito