BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMoved to Plessy3 years
pristine-tarpristine-tar data for snappy-java_1.0.4.1.orig.tar.gzCharles Plessy3 years
upstreamImported Upstream version Plessy3 years
upstream/ 5a8fa58a1d...Charles Plessy3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2012-03-28Moved to Plessy
2012-03-16Fixed watch file; Charles, what do you think if I just upload as is?Andreas Tille
2012-02-01Add get-orig-source target; document removal of binary libraries in Tille
2012-02-01Seems shlib:depends does not work so specify libsnappy1 explicitely in DependsAndreas Tille
2012-02-01Finally commit suggested patch to use Debian packaged library;Andreas Tille
2012-02-01Add ${shlib:depends} to enable detecting Dependency from libsnappy (hope this...Andreas Tille
2012-02-01Simplified watch file by using gooclecode redirectorAndreas Tille
2012-02-01Forgot to commit Build-DependsAndreas Tille
2012-01-28Use Debian packaged libsnappyAndreas Tille
2011-11-05Replace calls to OSInfo.class by calls to dpkg-architecture.Charles Plessy