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bzr # Imported revison 103 of the bzr version.Charles Plessy5 years
contact-field # Renaming the ‘Maintainer’ field ‘Contact’.Charles Plessy5 years
format-field # Removed confusing part.Charles Plessy5 years
license-urls # Versionned the licenses.Charles Plessy5 years
masterCorrected typo, grammar and style.Charles Plessy5 years
svn # Imported revision 135 from the DEP Subversion repository.Charles Plessy5 years
syntax # Corrections and updates.Charles Plessy5 years
The_Endcommit 0ce807026f...Charles Plessy4 years
20100815070139.GE14413@merveille.plessy.netcommit 23c0f8bf15...Charles Plessy5 years
20100814075847.GE5219@merveille.plessy.netcommit a3c3c5df7b...Charles Plessy5 years
20100814064354.GD5219@merveille.plessy.netcommit df8f12ebf6...Charles Plessy5 years
20100814033006.GA5219@merveille.plessy.netcommit 0ce807026f...Charles Plessy5 years
20100814022938.GK1174@merveille.plessy.netcommit 49d3459fec...Charles Plessy5 years
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2010-08-02Corrected typo, grammar and style.HEADmasterCharles Plessy
2010-07-17 # Added the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.Charles Plessy
2010-07-10 # Added an “Overview” field, suggested by J. Nieder on debian-project.Charles Plessy
2009-09-17Clarification on license identifiers inspired by Stefano Zacchiroli.Charles Plessy
2009-09-14Minor correction of an inconstistency in one of the examples.Charles Plessy
2009-07-24Replaced full examples and removed X-Autobuild field.Charles Plessy
2009-07-24Condensing paragraphs.Charles Plessy
2009-07-21Simplification and reorganisation of the layout.Charles Plessy
2009-07-21First steps of unbranding.Charles Plessy
2009-07-02Described the stanzas in the proposed pseudo RFC 822 implementation.Charles Plessy