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masterCleanup and add a seeAlso to the portfolio serviceOlivier Berger2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-02-25Cleanup and add a seeAlso to the portfolio serviceHEADmasterOlivier Berger
2013-02-25checkpointOlivier Berger
2013-02-25bits of docsOlivier Berger
2013-02-25Reorganize dirs a bitOlivier Berger
2013-02-25Add cronjob managerOlivier Berger
2013-02-21Protect agains double Maintainer: fields in package filesOlivier Berger
2013-02-21Use url-encoded lowercase email for resources URIs for non DDsOlivier Berger
2013-02-21Needed pieceOlivier Berger
2013-02-21Adding a default homepage for the serviceOlivier Berger
2013-02-14Add an account resource distinct from the person/agentOlivier Berger