BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
debianMerge branch 'master' into debianGustavo Noronha Silva5 years
masterDo not take 100% of the CPU in gksu-polkit when there's no stdinVincent Untz4 years
debian/0.0.2-2commit 416ca69918...Gustavo Noronha Silva5 years
debian/0.0.2-1commit 094713c546...Gustavo Noronha Silva5 years
0.0.2commit 7db9fe020e...Gustavo Noronha Silva5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2010-09-09Do not take 100% of the CPU in gksu-polkit when there's no stdinHEADmasterVincent Untz
2010-05-06Build system update.Gustavo Noronha Silva
2010-01-30Use uint64 instead of uint for sizes, and use casts where neededGustavo Noronha Silva
2010-01-30First steps towards a working make distcheck0.0.2Gustavo Noronha Silva
2010-01-30Bump version.Gustavo Noronha Silva
2010-01-30The library no longer needs to use polkit directlyGustavo Noronha Silva
2010-01-30Fix policy to work with newer polkitGustavo Noronha Silva
2010-01-25Port GksuServer to polkit-1, keeping the same functionalityGustavo Noronha Silva
2010-01-25Migrate from libgee 0.3 to libgee 0.5Gustavo Noronha Silva
2010-01-25Streamline vala to C build processGustavo Noronha Silva