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12 daysUpdate TODOHEADmasterdeployedJoseph Bisch
12 daysAdd statistics table to static interfaceJoseph Bisch
12 daysUpdate HACKINGJoseph Bisch
12 daysUpdate READMEJoseph Bisch
12 daysRemove obsolete CREDENTIALS.SAMPLEJoseph Bisch
12 daysUse textarea for description in dynamic interfaceJoseph Bisch
2014-08-14Remove x button and dragtable from tablesJoseph Bisch
2014-08-14Add sort arrow images for dynamic tablesJoseph Bisch
2014-08-14Remove tables in dynamic interface before displaying new metric in tableJoseph Bisch
2014-08-14Add description to dynamic interfaceJoseph Bisch