BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
debianRelease of 20090627-1Jörg Sommer6 years
debugMerge branch 'master' into debugJörg Sommer6 years
import-from-gitImport setgitperms.perl from gitörg Sommer6 years
masterRemove .ucf-dist files by full pathJörg Sommer6 years
metadata-in-branchBackup commitJörg Sommer7 years
20090627-1commit e794a1cf8a...Jörg Sommer6 years
20090426-1commit 99c9ed28b2...Jörg Sommer6 years
20090218-2commit df46d754da...Jörg Sommer6 years
20090218-1commit e4218a6cd4...Jörg Sommer6 years
20090214-1commit 263aca83c7...Jörg Sommer6 years
20090213-1commit adfcdb4ec6...Jörg Sommer6 years
20090211-1commit d9842ddfed...Jörg Sommer6 years
20090123-1commit 5a5ffcb437...Jörg Sommer6 years
20090119-1commit 3048d22d4e...Jörg Sommer6 years
20090113-1commit 78bce16103...Jörg Sommer6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2009-06-27Remove .ucf-dist files by full pathHEADmasterJörg Sommer
2009-06-27import-apt-postinst: Remove *.dpkg-dist filesJörg Sommer
2009-06-27import-apt-preinst: Message beautifyingJörg Sommer
2009-04-27Remove NOTES, because it's obsolateJörg Sommer
2009-04-27Rename ucf wrapper and manpage to ucfJörg Sommer
2009-04-27remove_obsolete_files: Suppress tar's messages about missing filesJörg Sommer
2009-04-27Fix option parsingJörg Sommer
2009-04-27Don't fail with removal of files not managed by etcgitJörg Sommer
2009-04-27install_new_files: Check if package really shipped files for /etcJörg Sommer
2009-04-27Suppress the error message of git if etcgit wasn't initializedJörg Sommer