BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
pu/bug229357-build-optionsRearrange Dpkg::BuildOptions to handle supported/enabled separately.Raphael Hertzog7 years
pu/bug237675-dselect-wide-char-supportAdd wide-character support to dselectRaphael Hertzog7 years
pu/bug291320-dpkg-deb-force-root-ownerdpkg-deb: new options --root-owner and --same-ownerSergei Ivanov7 years
pu/bug316521-fix-leftover-dirs-removaldpkg: do not forget about shared directories if we have a postrm scriptRaphaël Hertzog3 years
pu/bug397121Stop parsing available file when not neededMichel Lespinasse6 years
pu/fix-buffer-copy-errmsgImprove error messages output by buffer_copy()Raphaël Hertzog4 years
pu/ignore-binary-only-in-changelogDpkg::Changelog: Ignore the Binary-Only keyword fieldRaphaël Hertzog3 years
pu/keep-version-stringlibdpkg: keep same version string in dependency fields in the status dbRaphaël Hertzog5 years
pu/masterBump version to 1.16.6Guillem Jover3 years
test-buildman: improve French translation (partial review only)Raphaël Hertzog3 years
1.14.26commit 8c7ecc9424...Raphael Hertzog6 years
1.15.0commit 9f3fb231f1...Guillem Jover6 years
1.14.25commit 37c5968236...Guillem Jover6 years
1.14.24commit 47ff5c902d...Guillem Jover6 years
1.13.26commit 61a1493e21...Guillem Jover6 years
1.14.23commit 87ee5d337e...Guillem Jover6 years
1.14.22commit b302471d85...Raphael Hertzog7 years
1.14.21commit 03bc3330e3...Guillem Jover7 years
1.14.20commit 7364cd5f05...Raphael Hertzog7 years
1.14.19commit e76b34d01f...Guillem Jover7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2008-07-01Better fallback for dpkg -S on unknown symlinkspu/bug134758-dpkg-S-output-on-symlinksRaphael Hertzog
2008-07-01dpkg: Use the debug function instead of reimplementing its logicGuillem Jover
2008-07-01dpkg: Properly lstat the correct file when using --root on upgradesEgmont Koblinger
2008-07-01dpkg: Do not allocate memory when lstat fails while upgradingGuillem Jover
2008-06-30Switch to use UTF-8 copyright symbol and add missing onesGuillem Jover
2008-06-30Remove RCS tagGuillem Jover
2008-06-30libdpkg: Remove unneeded 'const char *' castGuillem Jover
2008-06-30libdpkg: Constify strings members for package db structsGuillem Jover
2008-06-30dselect: Fix compilation warningsGuillem Jover
2008-06-30libdpkg: Define YY_NO_INPUT to make flex not include input()Guillem Jover