BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterDrop zobel's hint fileAdam D. Barratt3 years
p-uSimplify hint override checkingAdam D. Barratt3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2011-11-14Simplify hint override checkingHEADp-uAdam D. Barratt
2011-11-14Fix-up hint override logicAdam D. Barratt
2011-11-14Hint: implement equality based on comparing string representationsAdam D. Barratt
2011-11-14Ensure package list contains exactly one item in convenience methodsJulien Cristau
2011-11-14Syntax tweakAdam D. Barratt
2011-11-11Pass the list of supported architectures to MigrationItemAdam D. Barratt
2011-11-11MigrationItem: support "$pkg/$ver/$arch" syntaxAdam D. Barratt
2011-11-10HintCollection::search(): fix "onlyactive" logicAdam D. Barratt
2011-11-10Fix up spacing issues; thanks Niels.Adam D. Barratt
2011-11-09MigrationItem: fix name output for removal itemsAdam D. Barratt