BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
ftp-masterMark tasksel's task list as unchanged in 3.29Cyril Brulebois4 months
masterFauxPackages: update noremove.d/tasksel.list for tasksel-data 3.24Adam D. Barratt5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-09-18FauxPackages: update noremove.d/tasksel.list for tasksel-data 3.24HEADmasterAdam D. Barratt
2014-09-14don't fail if packages files doesn't exist yet but create an empty oneAndreas Barth
2014-09-14Create empty p-u packages files for arm64 and ppc64elAdam D. Barratt
2014-08-09FauxPackages: update noremove.d/tasksel.list for tasksel-data 3.20Adam D. Barratt
2014-04-30fauxpkg: remove console-tools from noremove.d/d-i.listAdam D. Barratt
2014-03-31fauxpkg: remove colo, which is no longer in the archiveAdam D. Barratt
2014-03-11fauxpkg: replace uboot-mkimage with u-boot-tools in the d-i listAdam D. Barratt
2014-01-12britney: Always compress HeidiResult fileNiels Thykier
2014-01-12Remove the britney implementation - no longer usedNiels Thykier
2014-01-12britney: Remove code for handling britney1Niels Thykier