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* Make the GNOME and Xfce desktop tasks co-installable (Closes: #783571).HEADmasterCyril Brulebois5 days
* releasing version 3.313.31Cyril Brulebois2015-04-15
* Document updated translations.Cyril Brulebois2015-04-15
* Update Kazakh translation, thanks to Timur Birsh (Closes: #782647).Cyril Brulebois2015-04-15
* Romanian: fixing typo reported by Adrian SeniAndrei Popescu2015-04-10
* upload3.30Samuel Thibault2015-02-25
* Also install libreoffice-gtk along gnome-orcaSamuel Thibault2015-01-11
* When a desktop is preseeded, only enable that desktop.Samuel Thibault2014-12-08
* removed myself from Uploaders, as I'm leaving DebianJoey Hess2014-11-07
* reorg list to avoid need for odd empty commentJoey Hess2014-10-30
* Remove libgl1-mesa-dri from the desktop task list. xorg depends on it, so it ...Joey Hess2014-10-30
* Remove pm-utils from laptop and desktop tasks.Joey Hess2014-10-30
* Gnome only works on i386 and amd64, so default to xfce on other arches. Close...debian/3.293.29Joey Hess2014-10-21
* prep releasedebian/3.283.28Joey Hess2014-09-29
* Display cinnamon and lxde tasks. However, this increases the total size of th...Joey Hess2014-09-29
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/dgit/dgit/sid'debian/3.27Joey Hess2014-09-25
| * Record tasksel (3.26) in archive suite sidCyril Brulebois2014-09-20
| |\
| | * tasksel (3.26) unstable; urgency=mediumCyril Brulebois2014-09-20
* | po spam3.27Joey Hess2014-09-25
* | prep releaseJoey Hess2014-09-25
* | add stability noteJoey Hess2014-09-23
* | Bring back Section in debian-tasks.desc; it it used by debian-cd still.Joey Hess2014-09-23
* | Add logic to be able to override the default desktop on a per-arch basisJoey Hess2014-09-23
* | trailing commas in depends make typos harderJoey Hess2014-09-23
* | Add orca to lxde and mate. Closes: #762409, #762408Joey Hess2014-09-23
* | Add bug closure: #762345Cyril Brulebois2014-09-21
* | Fix Relvance/Relevant typo in tasks/mate-desktop.Cyril Brulebois2014-09-20
* | prep releaseCyril Brulebois2014-09-20
* | add missing "-o" parameter when calling aptKarsten Merker2014-09-20
* prep releasedebian/3.253.25Joey Hess2014-09-19
* Include MATE in the desktop task list, also based on desktop requalification ...Joey Hess2014-09-19
* switch default desktop to GnomeJoey Hess2014-09-19
* Set APT::Acquire::Retries=3 to deal with minor network glitches. Thanks, Pett...Joey Hess2014-09-17
* Add lightdm to mate task. Closes: #761598Joey Hess2014-09-14
* Remove recommends on libreoffice-gcj which has not existed for years. Thanks,...Joey Hess2014-09-13
* prep release; po file spamdebian/3.243.24Joey Hess2014-09-09
* forgot to add new fileJoey Hess2014-09-09
* bump standards-versionJoey Hess2014-09-09
* Add task-mate-desktop. Thanks, Mike Gabriel. Closes: #761014Joey Hess2014-09-09
* Add missing dependency task-cinnamon-desktop -> task-desktopPaul Wise2014-09-09
* typodebian/3.233.23Joey Hess2014-09-09
* prep releaseJoey Hess2014-09-09
* close bugsJoey Hess2014-09-08
* hierarchical tasks, desktop selection, and general massive changesJoey Hess2014-09-08
* ye olde po spamJoey Hess2014-09-08
* remove SectionJoey Hess2014-09-08
* Add gnome-orca to task-xfce-desktop; xfce4-accessibility-settings can be used...Joey Hess2014-09-07
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/dgit/dgit/sid'debian/3.223.22Joey Hess2014-09-07
| * Record tasksel (3.21) in archive suite sidChristian Perrier2014-08-21
| |\
| | * tasksel (3.21) unstable; urgency=lowChristian Perrier2014-08-21