Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* releasing version 3.21HEADmasterChristian Perrier9 days
* Drop acpid and acpi-support from laptop task. Closes: #758762Christian Perrier9 days
* Remove pcmciautils from laptop task. Closes: #698105Christian Perrier9 days
* Drop fonts-unfonts-core for task-korean-desktopChangwoo Ryu2014-02-22
* Release 3.203.20Christian Perrier2014-01-25
* Drop commented entries that are just adding cruft to an already long debian/c...Christian Perrier2014-01-25
* Drop all xonfts-* packages: bitmapped fonts are now considered obsolete. Clos...Christian Perrier2014-01-25
* Release 3.19Christian Perrier2014-01-25
* Drop menu from the desktop task and menu-xdk from the KDE desktop task. Close...Christian Perrier2014-01-25
* also drop leading capital for standard taskChristian Perrier2014-01-24
* Use lowercase in task short descriptions, except when acronyms or language na...Christian Perrier2014-01-23
* Merge the kde-desktop changes in 3.19 which was never releasedChristian Perrier2013-11-23
* Replace network-manager-kde by plasma-widget-networkmanagement in task-kde-de...Christian PERRIER2013-11-16
* releaseJoey Hess2013-11-03
* po changes due to buildJoey Hess2013-11-03
* Change default desktop to xfce.Joey Hess2013-11-03
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/dgit/dgit/sid'Joey Hess2013-11-03
| * tasksel (3.18) unstable; urgency=lowChristian Perrier2013-10-25
* Release 3.183.18Christian Perrier2013-10-25
* Drop manpages-ru from task-russian. Closes: #661332Christian PERRIER2013-10-25
* releasing version 3.17debian/3.173.17Christian Perrier2013-08-20
* Hungarian updated by Dr. Nagy Elemér Károl yChristian PERRIER2013-07-03
* Add bug closure for #712482.Cyril Brulebois2013-06-16
* drop xfprint4 from Xfce task, it's unused anymore.Yves-Alexis Perez2013-05-25
* Move all font packages in tasks to RecommendsChristian Perrier2013-05-22
* Drop no longer existing ttf-arhangai package from task-cyrillic-desktopChristian Perrier2013-05-22
* Replace ttf-kannada-fonts by fonts-lohit-knda and move it to RecommendsChristian Perrier2013-05-22
* Drop ttf-tiresias, fonts-junicode, ttf-georgewilliams, ttf-isabella, fonts-op...Christian Perrier2013-05-22
* Drop ttf-tiresias from task-hungarian-desktop. This font has nothing to do wi...Christian Perrier2013-05-22
* Replace all ttf-*-fonts packages by fonts-lohit-* for Indic languages. Move a...Christian Perrier2013-05-22
* Replace all occurrences of ttf-* packages when they have been renamed to fonts-*Christian Perrier2013-05-22
* Turn Recommends on ttf-sil-andika to fonts-sil-andika for task-hungarian-desk...Christian Perrier2013-05-22
* releasing version 3.163.16Christian Perrier2013-05-21
* Replace ttf-sil-abyssinica by fonts-sil-abyssinica in task-amharic- desktop. ...Christian PERRIER2013-05-21
* task-xfce-desktop: replace epdfview by evince-gtkYves-Alexis Perez2013-05-17
* releasing version 3.153.15Joey Hess2013-05-07
* Fix broken test for non-desktop systems which caused the ssh server task to b...Joey Hess2013-05-07
* Uncapitalize the standard task translationChristian PERRIER2013-04-30
* 3.14+deb7u1 never existedChristian Perrier2013-04-09
* Document Thijs changes to Dutch translationsChristian PERRIER2013-04-09
* Next version is 3.15, not 3.16Christian Perrier2013-04-09
* Final(?) cleaning for iw and n-m-gnome addition to Recommends.Christian Perrier2013-04-09
* Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// PERRIER2013-04-09
| * Drop comment that was related to a fix that got changed by Steven's patchChristian PERRIER2013-04-09
* | Drop comment of mine that was related to a fix reverted by Steven'sChristian PERRIER2013-04-09
* | Downgrade network-manager-gnome, iw to RecommendsSteven Chamberlain2013-04-09
* Dutch: small language cleanupsThijs Kinkhorst2013-03-09
* Move n-m-gnome to Recommends. If we keep using tasksel for this, itChristian PERRIER2013-03-07
* Restrict iw to linux portsChristian PERRIER2013-03-03
* More precise changelog entryChristian PERRIER2013-02-28