BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
2.2.9_release_candidatedebian: bump standards-version to 3.9.5Ian Beckwith9 months
NAMESPACEAdded END_OF_NAMESPACE tag we are now back on HEADIan Beckwith11 years
debian-lennyReformat debian/copyright to keep lintian happyIan Beckwith6 years
masterFixed images and maps in yandexJason Ryan8 weeks
surfraw-2.2.9commit 27892d72e2...Ian Beckwith9 months
surfraw-2.2.9-1commit 27892d72e2...Ian Beckwith9 months
surfraw-2.2.8commit c181b4a728...Ian Beckwith3 years
surfraw-2.2.8-1commit c181b4a728...Ian Beckwith3 years
surfraw-2.2.7commit 336b618e26...Ian Beckwith4 years
surfraw-2.2.7-1commit 336b618e26...Ian Beckwith4 years
surfraw-2.2.6commit bb33f762f0...Ian Beckwith5 years
surfraw-2.2.6-1commit bb33f762f0...Ian Beckwith5 years
surfraw_2-2-5_1commit 7b8c61260e...Ian Beckwith5 years
surfraw_2-2-4_1commit 0d1a7e1dd3...Ian Beckwith6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-07-26Fixed images and maps in yandexHEADmasterJason Ryan
2014-06-04New elvis: nlabJason Ryan
2014-06-04Added new elvis: nlabJason Ryan
2013-12-10debian: bump standards-version to 3.9.5surfraw-2.2.9-1surfraw- Beckwith
2013-12-10update timestamp in NEWS; debian: update vcs-browserIan Beckwith
2013-12-10Fix make distcheck: remove last traces of codesearch and scitopia.Ian Beckwith
2013-12-10yandex: disabled test: wants captchaIan Beckwith
2013-12-09debian: revert to actual release version in changelogIan Beckwith
2013-12-09removed codesearch and scitopia, both services shutdownIan Beckwith
2013-12-09update NEWS: fink is backIan Beckwith