BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
DEVEL_1_9hp-backend V0.91Peter Kirchgessner15 years
DEVEL_2_0_BRANCH-1Updated sane-devel address and website.Henning Geinitz12 years
RELEASE_1_0_11_BRANCHRelease of sane-backends 1.0.11Henning Geinitz12 years
masteruse expiration time optionStéphane Voltz7 days
master--genesys-cleanupgenesys: check return valuesNils Philippsen17 months
master-UNNAMED-BRANCHRemoving this to get it out of the attic. Will add again.Kevin Charter16 years
RELEASE_1_0_24commit ad6a17ad7c...m. allan noah19 months
RELEASE_1_0_23_FIXED2commit d353a1c5f2...m. allan noah2 years
RELEASE_1_0_23_FIXEDcommit 76d42ef852...m. allan noah2 years
RELEASE_1_0_23commit 76d42ef852...m. allan noah3 years
RELEASE_1_0_22commit 2b8f01e859...m. allan noah4 years
RELEASE_1_0_21commit 7b0a6ecd04...Julien BLACHE5 years
gitconversioncommit 260b8ddf58...Julien BLACHE6 years
RELEASE_1_0_20commit 2f0914b9bf...m. allan noah6 years
RELEASE_1_0_19commit 753706f6e7...m. allan noah7 years
RELEASE_1_0_18commit 9ce3c43fc5...Henning Geinitz9 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
7 daysuse expiration time optionHEADmasterStéphane Voltz
7 daysadd cache expiration time optionStéphane Voltz
7 daysdon't clear cache when loading cache fileStéphane Voltz
12 daysepsonds: use maximum area for ADFAlessandro Zummo
12 daysepsonds: support resolution ranges in pleace of a fixed list on selected scan...Alessandro Zummo
12 daysepsonds: enable in configure, fix AUTHORSAlessandro Zummo
12 daysepsonds: fix Makefile.inAlessandro Zummo
12 dayschangelog for recent workRolf Bensch
12 daysPixma backend version 0.17.17Rolf Bensch
12 daysremove unmaintained websitesRolf Bensch