BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
DEVEL_1_9hp-backend V0.91Peter Kirchgessner14 years
DEVEL_2_0_BRANCH-1Updated sane-devel address and website.Henning Geinitz11 years
RELEASE_1_0_11_BRANCHRelease of sane-backends 1.0.11Henning Geinitz12 years
masterChangelog for pixma_bjnp.c changesLouis Lagendijk6 days
master--genesys-cleanupgenesys: check return valuesNils Philippsen10 months
master-UNNAMED-BRANCHRemoving this to get it out of the attic. Will add again.Kevin Charter15 years
RELEASE_1_0_24commit ad6a17ad7c...m. allan noah11 months
RELEASE_1_0_23_FIXED2commit d353a1c5f2...m. allan noah18 months
RELEASE_1_0_23_FIXEDcommit 76d42ef852...m. allan noah18 months
RELEASE_1_0_23commit 76d42ef852...m. allan noah2 years
RELEASE_1_0_22commit 2b8f01e859...m. allan noah4 years
RELEASE_1_0_21commit 7b0a6ecd04...Julien BLACHE4 years
gitconversioncommit 260b8ddf58...Julien BLACHE5 years
RELEASE_1_0_20commit 2f0914b9bf...m. allan noah5 years
RELEASE_1_0_19commit 753706f6e7...m. allan noah7 years
RELEASE_1_0_18commit 9ce3c43fc5...Henning Geinitz8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
6 daysChangelog for pixma_bjnp.c changesHEADmasterLouis Lagendijk
6 dayspixma_bjnp.c: added explicit error message for the case where theLouis Lagendijk
6 dayspixma_bjnp.c: Open TCP-connection only from bjnp_activate. bjnp_open should n...Louis Lagendijk
13 daysMX720 has button supportRolf Bensch
13 dayschangelog for recent workRolf Bensch
13 daysCanon PIXMA MX720 Series scanner is workingRolf Bensch
13 daysMX720 doesn't need image post processingRolf Bensch
13 daysMX720 has duplex adfRolf Bensch
14 dayschangelog for recent workRolf Bensch
14 daysPixma backend version 0.17.10Rolf Bensch