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masterprebuilder: split linesHolger Levsen11 days
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11 daysprebuilder: split linesHEADmasterHolger Levsen
11 daysprebuilder: Add variation in kernel versionJérémy Bobbio
11 daysprebuilder: fix location of debbindiff.htmlJérémy Bobbio
11 daysprebuilder: inline builder to make room to more wrappersJérémy Bobbio
11 daysprebuilder: Add locale variationJérémy Bobbio
11 daysprebuilder: Add timezone variationJérémy Bobbio
11 daysprebuilder: Add umask variationJérémy Bobbio
12 daysprebuilder: also vary the domain nameJérémy Bobbio
2015-03-10clean-notes: reorder section to put the args parsing at the top, and add a --...Mattia Rizzolo
2015-02-23clean-notes: don't list python3-json as a depends... json is in the main libr...Mattia Rizzolo