BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterprebuilder: add variations for hostname, user and groupJérémy Bobbio8 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
8 daysprebuilder: add variations for hostname, user and groupHEADmasterJérémy Bobbio
10 daysclean-notes: add a check_notes_validity() to check if packages listed existMattia Rizzolo
11 daysclean-notes: explicitly use utf8 while opening the notes file.Mattia Rizzolo
11 daysAdd some commentsJérémy Bobbio
11 daysadd support for cowbuilderXimin Luo
2015-01-07clean-notes: ignore toolchain and infrastucture usertag while doing the not-u...Mattia Rizzolo
2015-01-07clean-notes: use a sane output, and a sane set of options (--enable/--disable)Mattia Rizzolo
2015-01-06clean-notes: check whether all the bugs listed in notes.git are usertaggedMattia Rizzolo
2015-01-06clean-notes: query udd to get usertagged bugs, and be sure we include them in...Mattia Rizzolo
2015-01-06clean-notes: write as binary and encode to utf-8 (+ better comment)Mattia Rizzolo