BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
pu/reproducible_buildsDocument 1.17.21~reproducible1Jérémy Bobbio9 hours
pu/reproducible_builds_cflagsDocument 1.17.7~reproducible1Jérémy Bobbio9 months
pu/reproducible_builds_debug_prefix_mapdpkg-buildflags: adjust CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS to get deterministic debug symbolsJérémy Bobbio9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
9 hoursDocument 1.17.21~reproducible1pu/reproducible_buildsJérémy Bobbio
9 hoursMake the timeless build flags cause errors instead of warnings.Paul Wise
9 hoursEnable the timeless build flags by default.Paul Wise
9 hoursPreset build timestamp to latest changelog entryJérémy Bobbio
9 hoursUse a single timestamp for ar headers when building a .debJérémy Bobbio
9 hoursAlso write control.tar.gz in deterministic orderJérémy Bobbio
9 hoursRename create_control_tar() variables to more meaningful namesJérémy Bobbio
9 hoursExtract the creation of the control tarball to a dedicated functionJérémy Bobbio
9 hoursEnsure deterministic file order in data.tar.* filesJérémy Bobbio
18 hoursBump version to 1.17.21Guillem Jover