BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
layout-alternativeChange key-value panels layout.Marko Lalic14 months
masterCorrect URLs to again (See: #762716)Paul Wise7 days
people/lfaraoneRegenerate initial migration using South 0.7.5Luke Faraone10 months
people/obergixFix typo on class nameOlivier Berger13 months
src-to-src-dependenciesImplement resolving source-to-source dependencies.Marko Lalic13 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
7 daysCorrect URLs to again (See: #762716)HEADmasterPaul Wise
8 dayscore/utils: handle "Launchpad-Bugs-Fixed" field in LinkifyUbuntuBugLinksRaphaël Hertzog
8 dayscore: enhance linkifier code to handle "Closes" field of .changes file tooRaphaël Hertzog
8 dayscore: prettify email news by injecting HTML linksSophie Brun
11 daysFix typo that prevents the severely out of date Standards-Version from being ...Paul Wise
11 daysFix URLs to the Debian CI websitePaul Wise
11 daysdjango_email_accounts: ensure we don't call redirect with an empty string dur...Raphaël Hertzog
12 daysvendor/debian: fix code requiring users to login via sso.debian.orgRaphaël Hertzog
12 daysvendor/debian: properly logout from any user authenticated tha...Raphaël Hertzog
12 daysvendor/debian: don't fail pre_login hook when user has not authenticatedRaphaël Hertzog