BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
layout-alternativeChange key-value panels layout.Marko Lalic15 months
masterderivative: improve the labels on the comparison web pageRaphaël Hertzog4 days
people/lfaraoneRegenerate initial migration using South 0.7.5Luke Faraone11 months
people/obergixFix typo on class nameOlivier Berger14 months
src-to-src-dependenciesImplement resolving source-to-source dependencies.Marko Lalic13 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
4 daysderivative: improve the labels on the comparison web pageHEADmasterRaphaël Hertzog
4 daysderivative: move non-view functions to a separate moduleRaphaël Hertzog
4 daysdebian: restrict the package to python 2.7 and newerRaphaël Hertzog
4 daysderivative: improve comparison templateRaphaël Hertzog
4 daysderivative: new application dedicated to derivative distributionsSophie Brun
4 dayscore/templatetags: add new "lookup" filter for use in templatesRaphaël Hertzog
4 daysAutomatically add URLs exported by Django applications via their tracker_urls...Raphaël Hertzog
4 dayscore/models/Repository: use name as object representation instead of APT lineRaphaël Hertzog
4 dayscore/admin: add the admin management for RepositoryRelationSophie Brun
4 dayscore/models: add RepositoryRelation associated to repositoriesSophie Brun