BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
layout-alternativeChange key-value panels layout.Marko Lalic12 months
masterReplace last occurrences of "Package Tracking System" into "Package Tracker"Raphaël Hertzog28 hours
people/lfaraoneRegenerate initial migration using South 0.7.5Luke Faraone8 months
people/obergixFix typo on class nameOlivier Berger11 months
src-to-src-dependenciesImplement resolving source-to-source dependencies.Marko Lalic11 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
28 hoursReplace last occurrences of "Package Tracking System" into "Package Tracker"HEADmasterRaphaël Hertzog
28 hoursUpdate ubuntu COF to new-style design, and match height of all other icons.Dimitri John Ledkov
6 dayscore: tweak the default CSS to have panel headings more visibleRaphaël Hertzog
6 dayscore: fix bad comment syntax in extra-head.htmlRaphaël Hertzog
7 dayscore: fix our decode_header() to work with Python3Raphaël Hertzog
7 daysaccounts: fix tests not working with Python 3 due to json.loads(foo)Raphaël Hertzog
7 dayscore: fix test PackageViewTest.test_catch_all_redirectRaphaël Hertzog
7 daysReplace all ActionItem.set_severity() calls with simple assignationRaphaël Hertzog
7 dayscore: refactor the way we handle ActionItem severitiesRaphaël Hertzog
7 dayscore: avoid an exception on pseudo-packages package pageRaphaël Hertzog