BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
layout-alternativeChange key-value panels layout.Marko Lalic14 months
mastercore/models: tweak the logic to return a short descriptionRaphaël Hertzog19 hours
people/lfaraoneRegenerate initial migration using South 0.7.5Luke Faraone10 months
people/obergixFix typo on class nameOlivier Berger13 months
src-to-src-dependenciesImplement resolving source-to-source dependencies.Marko Lalic12 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
19 hourscore/models: tweak the logic to return a short descriptionHEADmasterRaphaël Hertzog
19 hoursvendor/debian: tweak the test with Alioth SSO loginRaphaël Hertzog
20 hourscore/utils: make get_decoded_message_payload() more reliableRaphaël Hertzog
3 daysvendor/debian: fix multiple problems with SSO authentication via AliothRaphaël Hertzog
4 daystest: import StaticLiveServerTestCase instead of StaticLiveServerCaseRaphaël Hertzog
4 daysDrop perfect scrollbar which is no longer usedRaphaël Hertzog
4 dayscore/panels: don't limit height of binaries and news panels in desktop modeSophie Brun
7 dayscore: add a panel displaying a warning when the package is goneSophie Brun
7 dayscore/models: add Repository.is_development_repository()Sophie Brun
7 daystox: ignore distro_tracker/project/settings/ in flake8 testRaphaël Hertzog