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bugsBUGS: forward 6 issues to the Debian BTSStefano Zacchiroli5 days fix "source code is available" test caseStefano Zacchiroli41 hours
save/sqlite-dbcommit 403738f349...Stefano Zacchiroli14 months
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41 fix "source code is available" test caseHEADmasterStefano Zacchiroli
42 hoursrequirements.txt: add Flask-WTFStefano Zacchiroli
42 hoursREADME: mention as a dependencyStefano Zacchiroli
43 hourssample-config.local.ini: update log file settingsStefano Zacchiroli
3 daysAUTHORS: add Akshita Jha to contributorsStefano Zacchiroli
3 daysminor style changes after flake8 compliance passStefano Zacchiroli
3 daysmake debsources/**.py fully flake8 (=PEP8+pyflakes) compliantAkshita Jha
4 daysAUTHORS: add tessy joseph; reorganize acknowledgement sectionsStefano Zacchiroli
4 daysfix some PEP8 compliance issues in test filestessy joseph
5 daysgitignore: ignore python-coverage dbStefano Zacchiroli