BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
bugsBUGS: forward 2 items to the Debian BTSStefano Zacchiroli5 weeks
masterModifies the message box location from right to in-linesophiejjj3 days
save/sqlite-dbcommit 403738f349...Stefano Zacchiroli16 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 daysModifies the message box location from right to in-lineHEADmastersophiejjj
2014-11-11git-pre-commit: run flake8 only on changed Python filessophiejjj
2014-11-08AUTHORS: credit code contributor Jason PleauStefano Zacchiroli
2014-11-08web app: automatically highlight #Lxx linesJason Pleau add the ability to serve .js files via FlaskStefano Zacchiroli
2014-11-06dependency doc: use libjs-highlight.js instead of transitional pkgStefano Zacchiroli
2014-11-06Fix pep8 issue on test_webapp.pysophiejjj
2014-11-06doc: document pre-commit for flake8 in HACKINGMatthieu Caneill
2014-11-05AUTHORS: credit code contributor Christophe SirautStefano Zacchiroli
2014-11-05CSS: limit the linenumbers column widthChristophe Siraut