BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
bugsBUGS: typo in ?lang=... bug. Thanks jwilk!Stefano Zacchiroli17 hours
debian-packagingupdate requirements.txt with sqlalchemyMatthieu Caneill4 weeks
feature/stats-pagesstats per suite: ctags before languagesMatthieu Caneill6 months
masterwebapp forms and conf: forward compatibility for >= 0.9Stefano Zacchiroli3 weeks
save/sqlite-dbcommit 403738f349...Stefano Zacchiroli13 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-08-09webapp forms and conf: forward compatibility for >= 0.9HEADmasterStefano Zacchiroli
2014-08-03fix: canonical URLs with trailing slashesMatthieu Caneill
2014-08-03add: feature:suggests other package versions when a location 404sMatthieu Caneill
2014-07-22add: dpkg-dev in infra dependencies (needed for dpkg-source)Matthieu Caneill
2014-07-22fix: s/ip/host argument for python/run_webapp.pyMatthieu Caneill add options parsing (for host and port)Matthieu Caneill
2014-07-10webapp: add "last_update" to /api/ping return valueStefano Zacchiroli
2014-06-16doc/local-info.txt: brief doc about how local info customizationStefano Zacchiroli
2014-06-16webapp: add the ability to customize the footerStefano Zacchiroli
2014-06-06doc page: add reference to ESEM 2014 paperStefano Zacchiroli