BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
debianBumped Standard-VersionThomas Goirand3 years
debian-sidA bit of capitalization fixes for the variable names of the README.Debian.Thomas Goirand21 months
debian-wheezysqueeze -> wheezy rename in README.DebianThomas Goirand2 years
masterMerge commit 'fa93fca0487d8e5c8e8ec944f0d9263b8d2d1aea'xen-git3 years
thomasAdded debconf support to choose the network manager.Thomas Goirand3 years
upstream-sidMerge pull request #416 from djs55/fix-bvtDave Scott3 years
upstream-wheezyMerge pull request #416 from djs55/fix-bvtDave Scott3 years
1.3.2-14commit 3219fcf023...Thomas Goirand2 years
1.3.2-13commit 49a2dd3c8b...Thomas Goirand2 years
1.3.2-12commit 175ba2a97b...Thomas Goirand2 years
1.3.2-11commit ba45c30333...Thomas Goirand3 years
debian/1.3.2-11commit ba45c30333...Thomas Goirand3 years
1.3.2-7commit 4ad6fbc7d0...Thomas Goirand3 years
master/1.3.2commit b2e024f9bf...Mike McClurg3 years
master/1.3.1tag 4c87f00aab...Mike McClurg3 years
master/1.3commit 88e810b9dd...Mike McClurg3 years
fhs/1.3commit f8da04c657...Jon Ludlam3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2012-03-16Bumped Standard-VersionHEADdebianThomas Goirand
2012-03-16Rewrapped debian/changelogThomas Goirand
2012-03-16Added missing pciutils dependency, fixed debconf dependency to xcp-networkd, ...Thomas Goirand
2012-03-10Added /etc/xen as a packaged empty dir for xcp-networkd (Closes: #663352).Thomas Goirand
2012-03-07Merge branch 'debian' into debian-sidThomas Goirand
2012-03-07Merge branch 'debian' of into debianThomas Goirand
2012-03-07Documents the use of xe pif-reconfigure-ipThomas Goirand
2012-03-07xcp-networkd.init Should-start openvswitch-switchMike McClurg
2012-03-07Move check for running xcp-networkd to begining of xcp-networkd.init startMike McClurg
2012-02-23Fix sh error in xcp-networkd.initMike McClurg