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- Only one interpreter &may; provide a
- <literal>/usr/bin/ruby</literal> symlink to its main
- executable. This interpreter is said to be the default Ruby
- interpreter. At the time of the writing of this policy, it is
- <literal>ruby1.8</literal>, but that may change in the
- future.
+ Interpreters &may; provide an alternatives entry for
+ <literal>/usr/bin/ruby</literal>, so that users can choose one of the
+ different interpreter implementations to provide the
+ <literal>ruby</literal> program. This alternatives entry must have as
+ slaves entries for the following programs: <literal>erb</literal>,
+ <literal>testrb</literal>, <literal>irb</literal>,
+ <literal>rdoc</literal> and <literal>ri</literal>, as well as the
+ corresponding manual pages for all of those programs, including
+ <literal>ruby</literal>.
- All Ruby interpreters &must; provide the
- <literal>ruby-interpreter</literal> virtual package.
+ Interpreter maintainers &may; use the <literal>ruby1.8</literal> and
+ <literal>ruby1.9.1</literal> packages as an example of the alternatives
+ system handling for Ruby interpreters.
+ </para>
+ <para>
+ At the time of the writing of this policy, the default interpreter is
+ <literal>ruby1.8</literal>. This means that by default
+ <literal>/usr/bin/ruby</literal> points to
+ <literal>/usr/rin/rub1.8</literal>. Other interpreters &must; not
+ install alternatives entries with priority higher than
+ <literal>50</literal> without first having a) a consensus about that in
+ the <literal>debian-ruby</literal> mailing list and b) a new version of
+ this policy uploaded to <literal>unstable</literal> pointing out a new
+ default interpreter.
+ </para>
+ <para>
+ Ruby interpreters &may; provide the <literal>ruby-interpreter</literal>
+ virtual package, if their maintainers consider that the implementation
+ is mature enough to support most Ruby software available.