BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
build-documentationAutomatically build and ship documentationPer Andersson10 months
doccheckpointAntonio Terceiro3 years
extconf-optionsattempt to pass parameters to extconf as dh_auto_install option (#756129)Cédric Boutillier6 months
install-as-gemcheckpointAntonio Terceiro4 months
masterdh-make-ruby: bump Standards-Version in template to 3.9.6Antonio Terceiro60 min.
0.12commit 6caa2afb79...Antonio Terceiro7 days
0.11commit dac75cf8fe...Antonio Terceiro3 weeks
0.10_REALLYcommit f17b7e8ce5...Antonio Terceiro5 months
0.9.1commit bf8804d289...Cédric Boutillier6 months
0.9.0commit 405440fb0c...Cédric Boutillier6 months
0.8.0commit ec03da87b5...Antonio Terceiro7 months
0.7.6commit f6fa023eb3...Cédric Boutillier7 months
0.7.5commit 79beb22215...Antonio Terceiro11 months
0.7.4commit 7ce3e4b2ed...Antonio Terceiro11 months
0.7.3commit a2219848df...Antonio Terceiro11 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
60 min.dh-make-ruby: bump Standards-Version in template to 3.9.6HEADmasterAntonio Terceiro
7 daysRelease to experimental0.12Antonio Terceiro
7 daysadd apt-file to Recommends:Antonio Terceiro
7 daysdh-make-ruby: map gems to packages with apt-fileAntonio Terceiro
7 daysGem2deb.testing: tell me if we are running testsAntonio Terceiro
7 daysdh_ruby: call {make,rake} on debian/dh_ruby.{mk,rake}Antonio Terceiro
7 dayssnapshot:install clean with `debian/rules clean`Antonio Terceiro
7 daysdh_ruby: slightly better log messagesAntonio Terceiro
2015-02-06improve release taskAntonio Terceiro
2015-02-06Release to experimental0.11Antonio Terceiro