BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
all-versions-for-arch-allSet ruby:Versions to 'all' if possibleChristian Hofstaedtler6 months
autopkgtestRemove the dependency of gem2deb-test-runner on test frameworksCédric Boutillier9 days
build-documentationAutomatically build and ship documentationPer Andersson4 months
checksumsdocument the changes in the changelogCédric Boutillier3 weeks
doccheckpointAntonio Terceiro3 years
fill-in-itp-number-if-presentadd changelog entryCédric Boutillier3 months
mastergem2deb breaks/replace earlier versions of gem2debCédric Boutillier6 days
verbose-buildpass V=1 to make in order to have verbose builds (Closes: #721674)Cédric Boutillier11 months
0.9.1commit bf8804d289...Cédric Boutillier6 days
0.9.0commit 405440fb0c...Cédric Boutillier7 days
0.8.0commit ec03da87b5...Antonio Terceiro3 weeks
0.7.6commit f6fa023eb3...Cédric Boutillier5 weeks
0.7.5commit 79beb22215...Antonio Terceiro5 months
0.7.4commit 7ce3e4b2ed...Antonio Terceiro5 months
0.7.3commit a2219848df...Antonio Terceiro5 months
0.7.2commit 80e4bc8080...Antonio Terceiro5 months
0.7.1commit 0b541e9800...Antonio Terceiro6 months
0.7.0commit b9fcac0dcd...Antonio Terceiro7 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
6 daysgem2deb breaks/replace earlier versions of gem2debHEAD0.9.1masterCédric Boutillier
7 daysfinalize changelog0.9.0Cédric Boutillier
7 daysreturn true when creating a test_suiteCédric Boutillier
7 dayscheck if the test_runner isn't trivial when trying to create the test suiteCédric Boutillier
7 daysinstall gem2deb-test-runner manpage inside the gem2deb-test-runner packageCédric Boutillier
7 daysadd a short manpage for gem2deb-test-runnerCédric Boutillier
8 daysadd bug numbers related to autopkgtestCédric Boutillier
8 daysclean the TODO listCédric Boutillier
8 daysMerge branch 'checksums'Cédric Boutillier
8 daysreplace deprecated File.exists? by File.exist?Cédric Boutillier