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2014-03-13Add documentationHEADmasterAxel Beckert
2014-03-13Allow to filter never uploaded packagesAxel Beckert
2014-03-13Properly handle dates of never uploaded packagesAxel Beckert
2014-03-13Properly format dates with single digit day but only one blank before itAxel Beckert
2014-03-13Rename once more: order_… → sort_…Axel Beckert
2014-03-13Add option to order by last upload date, rename scriptAxel Beckert
2014-03-13Use Parse::DebianChangelog instead of my own parserAxel Beckert
2014-03-13Also output date of last uploaded versionAxel Beckert
2014-03-13Add license (WTFPL)Axel Beckert
2014-03-13chmod +x order_by_unreleased_changelog_length.plgregor herrmann