BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
autopkgtest-providesUse virtual packages to track which packages use which autopkgtest test scriptsAxel Beckert3 weeks
masterreleasing 0.16 to unstableNiko Tyni2 days
ntyni/autopkgtestautopkgtest/smoke: create dummy MANIFEST and MANIFEST.SKIP filesNiko Tyni8 days
0.16commit 0500b83816...Niko Tyni2 days
0.15commit 8f02577efd...gregor herrmann4 days
0.14commit 4bf4e25418...gregor herrmann7 days
0.13commit 640f893e43...gregor herrmann10 days
0.12commit 42f8dd93a0...gregor herrmann12 days
0.11commit 1fc0d98c3f...Dominic Hargreaves3 weeks
0.10commit 594f47c9cc...gregor herrmann3 weeks
0.9commit 42ea6a032b...Damyan Ivanov6 weeks
0.8commit aabf85e457...Damyan Ivanov3 months
0.7commit 31bf19f356...Damyan Ivanov3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2 daysreleasing 0.16 to unstableHEAD0.16masterNiko Tyni
2 daysautopkgtest/smoke: skip t/pod.t and t/pod-coverage.t by defaultNiko Tyni
2 daysautopkgtest/smoke: make smoke.t skip tests listed in d/t/pkg-perl/skip-smokeNiko Tyni
2 daysadd myself to Uploaders.Niko Tyni
2 daysBump Standards-Version to 3.9.6 (no changes)Axel Beckert
2 daysAdd changelog items for Niko's commitsAxel Beckert
2 daysAdd an "Enhances: lintian" header to since it contains lintian checksAxel Beckert
3 daysautopkgtest/smoke: support comments and empty lines in test-filesNiko Tyni
3 daysautopkgtest/smoke: don't run boilerplate.t testsNiko Tyni
4 daysreleasing package pkg-perl-tools version 0.150.15gregor herrmann