BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
autopkgtest-providesUse virtual packages to track which packages use which autopkgtest test scriptsAxel Beckert3 days
masterreleasing version 0.11Dominic Hargreaves5 hours
0.11commit 1fc0d98c3f...Dominic Hargreaves5 hours
0.10commit 594f47c9cc...gregor herrmann3 days
0.9commit 42ea6a032b...Damyan Ivanov3 weeks
0.8commit aabf85e457...Damyan Ivanov2 months
0.7commit 31bf19f356...Damyan Ivanov3 months
0.6commit c764fee1a3...Damyan Ivanov3 months
0.5commit a015cd3037...Damyan Ivanov7 months
0.4commit d1eef4b557...Damyan Ivanov10 months
0.3commit cdb97e9d6d...Damyan Ivanov11 months
0.2commit f63c49c2e9...Damyan Ivanov12 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
5 hoursreleasing version 0.11HEAD0.11masterDominic Hargreaves
5 hoursUpdate debian/changelog for a releaseNiko Tyni
5 hoursoops, two wrongs don't make it rightNiko Tyni
5 hoursdocumentation for debian/tests/module-nameNiko Tyni
5 hoursRead the module name from debian/tests/module-name if that existsNiko Tyni
6 hoursmake autopkgtest/scripts/runner executableNiko Tyni
6 hoursFix autopkg test runner to work with empty directoriesNiko Tyni
6 hoursautopkgtest: ship empty heavy-deps.d/ directorygregor herrmann
7 hoursautopkgtest: smoke: add fallback if ADTTMP isn't setgregor herrmann
7 hoursautopkgtest: reword a test message about compilingNiko Tyni