BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masteradd linebreaks after wrap(), otherwise they are eatengregor herrmann36 hours
0.8commit aabf85e457...Damyan Ivanov4 weeks
0.7commit 31bf19f356...Damyan Ivanov7 weeks
0.6commit c764fee1a3...Damyan Ivanov7 weeks
0.5commit a015cd3037...Damyan Ivanov6 months
0.4commit d1eef4b557...Damyan Ivanov9 months
0.3commit cdb97e9d6d...Damyan Ivanov10 months
0.2commit f63c49c2e9...Damyan Ivanov11 months
0.1commit c81806f2e7...Damyan Ivanov11 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
36 hoursadd linebreaks after wrap(), otherwise they are eatenHEADmastergregor herrmann
6 daysslightly reword description ofl intian arch-any-package-needs-newer-* tagsgregor herrmann
2014-07-13scripts/forward: in prepare_body(), don't wrap bug info or patch headers.gregor herrmann
2014-07-11scripts/forward: move requestor to new ticket, add add_cc to updates.gregor herrmann
2014-07-10add another stopword to t/spelling.stgregor herrmann
2014-07-10forward/submit_cpan_rt: another attempt to set the requestor at submission timeDamyan Ivanov
2014-07-07dpt-forward: don't include "Forwarded: " line in patch forwardinggregor herrmann
2014-06-26releasing package pkg-perl-tools version 0.80.8Damyan Ivanov
2014-06-26make --offline-test effective for github tracker tooDamyan Ivanov
2014-06-26when adding Forwarded: patch header also add Bug: headerDamyan Ivanov