BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterreleasing package dh-make-perl version 0.82-1Damyan Ivanov4 weeks
debian/0.82-1commit 2a6b4ec73f...Damyan Ivanov4 weeks
debian/0.81-1commit e542addbb5...Damyan Ivanov2 months
debian/0.80-1commit ca649faecf...Damyan Ivanov9 months
debian/0.79-1commit 62e470c94a...Damyan Ivanov12 months
debian/0.78-1commit dfd9a44338...Damyan Ivanov12 months
debian/0.77-1commit 21e0de68ab...Damyan Ivanov12 months
debian/0.76-1commit 27a7bf8419...Damyan Ivanov23 months
debian/0.75-1commit f7c4d803dd...Damyan Ivanov3 years
debian/0.74-1commit 9961bcc3b6...Damyan Ivanov3 years
debian/0.73-1commit 36dca89c2c...Damyan Ivanov3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-07-02releasing package dh-make-perl version 0.82-1HEADdebian/0.82-1masterDamyan Ivanov
2014-07-02build depend on separately packages libmodule-build-perlDamyan Ivanov
2014-06-30remove RELEASE_TESTING=1 from dh_auto_test invocationDamyan Ivanov
2014-06-30the locate command now accepts multiple argumentsDamyan Ivanov
2014-06-30skip_al → skip_all typoDamyan Ivanov
2014-06-30fix the error message when more than one command is given on the command lineDamyan Ivanov
2014-06-30replace 'options' and 'commands' constants with initialized lexical variablesDamyan Ivanov
2014-06-30Skip POD tests unless RELEASE_TESTING is present in the environmentDamyan Ivanov
2014-06-07bump the version to 0.82 everywhereDamyan Ivanov
2014-06-07make: include dh-make-perl version in the commit message of the initial packa...Damyan Ivanov