BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterRelease to unstableMehdi Dogguy2 days
pristine-tarpristine-tar data for opam_1.2.0~rc4.orig.tar.gzMehdi Dogguy2 days
upstreamImported Upstream version 1.2.0~rc4Mehdi Dogguy2 days
debian/1.2.0_rc4-1commit 4dcbd19bac...Mehdi Dogguy2 days
upstream/1.2.0_rc4commit d7d402a684...Mehdi Dogguy2 days
debian/1.1.1-1commit f52b06e133...Mehdi Dogguy9 months
upstream/1.1.1commit 9c684214df...Mehdi Dogguy9 months
debian/1.1.0-1commit c6d93ac79a...Mehdi Dogguy11 months
upstream/1.1.0commit ab3855b367...Mehdi Dogguy11 months
debian/1.0.0-1commit a7bc0dcb99...Mehdi Dogguy16 months
upstream/1.0.0commit f647ee34f8...Mehdi Dogguy19 months
upstream/0.9.0+deb1commit f4d9c8378c...Mehdi Dogguy21 months
upstream/0.9.0commit cb61d00890...Mehdi Dogguy21 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2 daysRelease to unstableHEADdebian/1.2.0_rc4-1masterMehdi Dogguy
2 daysChangelog updateMehdi Dogguy
2 daysscripts/ directory has been renamed into tools/Mehdi Dogguy
2 daysGenerate core/ core/ during the configure phaseMehdi Dogguy
2 daysBuild and install opam-installerMehdi Dogguy
2 daysImport Uutf and Jsonm temporarily.Mehdi Dogguy
2 daysBump minimal requirement on dose3 to 3.3~.Mehdi Dogguy
2 daysRefresh patch 0001-Fix-some-spelling-errors.patchMehdi Dogguy
2 daysDo not call make autogen anymoreMehdi Dogguy
2 daysImport new uptream release.Mehdi Dogguy