BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
jessieUpdate Jessie changelogOtto Kekäläinen23 hours
masterFixed an if-structure in the init script so that the return valueOtto Kekäläinen23 hours
pristine-tarpristine-tar data for mariadb-10.0_10.0.15.orig.tar.gzOtto Kekäläinen4 weeks
upstreamImported Upstream version 10.0.15Otto Kekäläinen4 weeks
debian/10.0.15-2commit ec07593823...Otto Kekäläinen7 days
debian/10.0.15-1commit e07ed9aaa9...Otto Kekäläinen13 days
upstream/10.0.15commit f2950d4af3...Otto Kekäläinen4 weeks
debian/10.0.14-4commit c413d37ab1...Otto Kekäläinen5 weeks
debian/10.0.14-3commit 7b8f5e682d...Arnaud Fontaine5 weeks
debian/10.0.14-2commit 845bdc75e4...Tobias Frost2 months
libmariadbclient-removedcommit 24ed76b33c...Otto Kekäläinen2 months
debian/10.0.14-1commit 253fddf0c3...Arnaud Fontaine3 months
upstream/10.0.14commit 8f33dead3f...Otto Kekäläinen3 months
upstream/10.0.13commit 112c88f1bf...Otto Kekäläinen4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
23 hoursFixed an if-structure in the init script so that the return valueHEADmasterOtto Kekäläinen
6 daysRename in debconf templates mysql-server -> mariadb-server.Otto Kekäläinen
9 daysAttempt to fix FTBFS on mips, mipsel, powerpc (Closes: #772964).Otto Kekäläinen
9 daysCleanup and simplification after review in London sprintOtto Kekäläinen
10 daysIncrease debconf downgrade warning priority to criticalOtto Kekäläinen
10 daysFix commit e07ed9aa so that the rm command will not emit an error codeOtto Kekäläinen
10 daysClean up d/rules after review at the London packaging sprintOtto Kekäläinen
11 daysDon't emit extra output at init invocationOtto Kekäläinen
11 daysRemove all references to NDB cluster which has been removed since MySQL 5.1. ...Otto Kekäläinen
11 daysRemoved all unnecessary .dirs as most of the directories are generated automa...Otto Kekäläinen