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masterUpdate changelog to 0.20.81Didier Raboud4 years
pristine-tarpristine-tar data for meegotouch-theme_0.20.51.orig.tar.bz2Didier Raboud4 years
upstreamMerge remote branch 'gitorious/master' into upstreamDidier Raboud4 years
upstream/0.20.81commit 89777f8902...Adrian Yanes4 years
upstream/0.20.51commit 8f3451e605...Didier Raboud4 years
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2011-03-08Update changelog to 0.20.81HEADmasterDidier Raboud
2011-03-08Merge commit '0.20.81-1'Didier Raboud
2011-03-07Changes: releasing 0.20.81-1upstream/0.20.81Adrian Yanes
2011-03-07Fixes: NB#232402 - [REG] Application menu look changes in given scenarioJukka Halonen
2011-03-07New: Style for editor toolbarJarno Malmari
2011-03-07Changes: New release feedback for static and pannable areasAntti Pulakka
2011-03-07Changes: Add a new common editor input field multiline style.Stanislav Ionascu
2011-03-07New: MBorderDecorationRoundedCornersStyleDaniel d'Andrada
2011-03-07Changes: Get rid of some warning messages about undefined propertiesDaniel d'Andrada
2011-03-07Changes: Make MStatusBar use reactive marginsDaniel d'Andrada