BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
kde4.10Release to unstableMaximiliano Curia14 months
kde4.11Release to unstableMaximiliano Curia10 months
kde4.12Release to unstableMaximiliano Curia7 months
kde4.4Release to unstable at urgency=high.Modestas Vainius3 years
kde4.6backport upstream patch to fix open errors in the gpsd support (#651950)Pino Toscano3 years
kde4.8Bump revision.José Manuel Santamaría Lema2 years
kde4.9Bump revision.José Manuel Santamaría Lema19 months
masterRelease to unstableMaximiliano Curia6 days
squeezesqueeze-adjust revision number and re-release it to stable-proposed-updates.Modestas Vainius4 years
wheezyNow really release to unstable.Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer20 months
debian/4.11.11-1commit ff39374c81...Maximiliano Curia5 weeks
debian/4.11.9-1commit b26ad5abb9...Maximiliano Curia4 months
debian/4.11.8-1commit 5947da2ab0...Maximiliano Curia5 months
debian/4.11.7-1commit 944dcea62f...Maximiliano Curia6 months
debian/4.11.6-3commit a00f0207f3...Maximiliano Curia7 months
debian/4.11.6-2commit fb822b8bef...Maximiliano Curia7 months
debian/4.11.6-1commit 4b8af7e631...Maximiliano Curia7 months
debian/4.11.5-1commit 5ef08f7654...Maximiliano Curia7 months
debian/4.11.3-3commit 29a20a6510...Pino Toscano8 months
debian/4.11.3-2commit f99567bbf9...Maximiliano Curia10 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
6 daysRelease to unstableHEADmasterMaximiliano Curia
6 daysAdd ppc64el to libkwinglesutils1. (Closes: 760942) Thanks to Aurelien JarnoMaximiliano Curia
12 daysAdd dh-acc dependency to the testsuite testMaximiliano Curia
12 daysPre-release 4:4.11.11-2~Maximiliano Curia
12 daysAdd kubuntu_avoid_zic_and_deep_copy_timezone_data.diffHarald Sitter
12 dayskdm: Remove xdm documentation from the README.Debian file. (Closes: #247196)Maximiliano Curia
12 daysPrepare a new revisionMaximiliano Curia
2014-08-29Merge dh_acc autopkgtest into the testsuite.Maximiliano Curia
2014-08-01Release to unstabledebian/4.11.11-1Maximiliano Curia
2014-07-31Pre-release 4:4.11.11-1~Maximiliano Curia