BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
experimentalRelease version to experimentalMichael Biebl23 months
masterRelease version to unstableMichael Biebl20 months
pristine-tarpristine-tar data for networkmanagement_0.9.0.9.orig.tar.bz2Michael Biebl20 months
squeeze-backportsRebuild for squeeze-backports.Modestas Vainius4 years
upstreamImported Upstream version Biebl20 months
debian/ 3be2558d54...Michael Biebl20 months
upstream/ 04d552ea83...Michael Biebl20 months
debian/ 1adf3253ea...Michael Biebl22 months
debian/ b4aaee0a45...Michael Biebl23 months
debian/ 51db683c51...Michael Biebl23 months
upstream/ d597b6971c...Michael Biebl23 months
debian/ 422c280577...Michael Biebl2 years
upstream/ 9acb54d1ce...Michael Biebl2 years
debian/ 9f583eb8da...Michael Biebl2 years
upstream/ 46c6902bdc...Michael Biebl2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-06-28Release version to unstableHEADdebian/ Biebl
2013-06-28Bump minimum required version of network-manager to 0.9.8.Michael Biebl
2013-06-28New upstream release.Michael Biebl
2013-06-28Merge tag 'upstream/'Michael Biebl
2013-06-28Imported Upstream version Biebl
2013-05-16Switch to debhelper compat level v9 which exports build flags.Felix Geyer
2013-05-16Add network-manager-openconnect to Suggests.Felix Geyer
2013-05-16Replace all occurrences of kdebase-workspace.Felix Geyer
2013-05-16Build-depend on kde-workspace-dev instead of the transitional package kdebase...Felix Geyer
2013-05-06Release version to unstabledebian/ Biebl