BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
experimentalRelease 1.6.10pre1 unto experimentalBenjamin Kaduk2 months
lennyBump version and change upload target to oldstable-securityRuss Allbery4 years
masterRelease 1.6.10 to unstableBenjamin Kaduk16 hours
master-1.4Add changelog entry for merge fix of d_op handlingRuss Allbery4 years
master-1.5.61Change default permissions of /etc/openafs/server to 0755Russ Allbery5 years
pristine-tarpristine-tar data for openafs_1.6.10.orig.tar.xzBenjamin Kaduk3 days
squeezeApply upstream security patches from OpenAFS 1.6.7Russ Allbery7 months
upstreamImported Upstream version 1.6.10Benjamin Kaduk3 days
upstream-1.4Imported upstream tag openafs-stable-1_4_14 via tarballRuss Allbery4 years
wheezyApply upstream security patches from OpenAFS 1.6.7Russ Allbery7 months
debian/1.6.10-1commit 4fd8879e5a...Benjamin Kaduk14 hours
upstream/1.6.10commit cd5ed5f0ec...Benjamin Kaduk3 days
debian/1.6.9-2commit 481d35ccb2...Benjamin Kaduk5 weeks
debian/1.6.10_pre1-1commit ead6f076a8...Russ Allbery2 months
upstream/1.6.10_pre1commit 803129d8e9...Benjamin Kaduk2 months
debian/1.6.9-1commit ade38648dd...Russ Allbery4 months
upstream/1.6.9commit cb3891c3f6...Russ Allbery4 months
debian/1.6.8-1commit bc99749b40...Russ Allbery5 months
upstream/1.6.8commit edb935579e...Russ Allbery5 months
debian/1.6.7-1commit e600156749...Russ Allbery7 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
16 hoursRelease 1.6.10 to unstableHEADdebian/1.6.10-1masterBenjamin Kaduk
16 hoursBe optimistic and add 760063 closerBenjamin Kaduk
18 hoursActually install the fileserver serviceBenjamin Kaduk
29 hoursWe use MODULEROOT againBenjamin Kaduk
29 hoursTry to have systemd not check afsd's exit codeBenjamin Kaduk
29 hoursSucceed when the kmod is missingBenjamin Kaduk
29 hoursAdd patch to allow afsd to do nothing and exit(0)Benjamin Kaduk
29 hoursAdd dh_systemd_enable before dh_installinitBenjamin Kaduk
29 hoursBuild-Depend on dh-systemdBenjamin Kaduk
29 hoursPopulate the EnvironmentFile in the postinstBenjamin Kaduk