BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
experimentalRelease 1.6.10pre1 unto experimentalBenjamin Kaduk3 months
lennyBump version and change upload target to oldstable-securityRuss Allbery4 years
masterFinalize changes for 1.6.10-3Benjamin Kaduk2 days
master-1.4Add changelog entry for merge fix of d_op handlingRuss Allbery4 years
master-1.5.61Change default permissions of /etc/openafs/server to 0755Russ Allbery5 years
pristine-tarpristine-tar data for openafs_1.6.10.orig.tar.xzBenjamin Kaduk5 weeks
squeezeApply upstream security patches from OpenAFS 1.6.7Russ Allbery8 months
upstreamImported Upstream version 1.6.10Benjamin Kaduk5 weeks
upstream-1.4Imported upstream tag openafs-stable-1_4_14 via tarballRuss Allbery4 years
wheezyApply upstream security patches from OpenAFS 1.6.7Russ Allbery8 months
debian/1.6.10-3commit 0fce8c9492...Benjamin Kaduk2 days
debian/1.6.10-2commit 33456e3d53...Benjamin Kaduk3 weeks
debian/1.6.10-1commit 4fd8879e5a...Benjamin Kaduk5 weeks
upstream/1.6.10commit cd5ed5f0ec...Benjamin Kaduk5 weeks
debian/1.6.9-2commit 481d35ccb2...Benjamin Kaduk2 months
debian/1.6.10_pre1-1commit ead6f076a8...Russ Allbery3 months
upstream/1.6.10_pre1commit 803129d8e9...Benjamin Kaduk3 months
debian/1.6.9-1commit ade38648dd...Russ Allbery6 months
upstream/1.6.9commit cb3891c3f6...Russ Allbery6 months
debian/1.6.8-1commit bc99749b40...Russ Allbery6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2 daysFinalize changes for 1.6.10-3HEADdebian/1.6.10-3masterBenjamin Kaduk
2 daysopenafs-client should RemainAfterExitBenjamin Kaduk
2 daysWe want to be Before=umount.targetBenjamin Kaduk
2014-10-30Finalize changes for 1.6.10-2debian/1.6.10-2Benjamin Kaduk
2014-10-30Separate helper for shutdown module checkBenjamin Kaduk
2014-10-30Make openafs-client start succeed silently when already runningBenjamin Kaduk
2014-10-30Shell quoting and subshell cleanupBenjamin Kaduk
2014-10-24Release 1.6.10 to unstabledebian/1.6.10-1Benjamin Kaduk
2014-10-24Be optimistic and add 760063 closerBenjamin Kaduk
2014-10-24Actually install the fileserver serviceBenjamin Kaduk