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masterTrack the remote branchesEmmanuel Bourg49 min.
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49 min.Track the remote branchesHEADmasterEmmanuel Bourg
2014-10-07Shorter Vcs-Browser URLsEmmanuel Bourg
2014-09-28Added an entry for nomadium in the authors fileEmmanuel Bourg
2014-09-12Properly replace Vcs-Browser fields starting with Bourg
2014-09-12Added an entry for tbooth-guest in the authors fileEmmanuel Bourg
2014-06-16Fixed the URL of the Git repository in MOVED_TO_GIT.txtEmmanuel Bourg
2014-06-10Disabled the post-receive hook for the initial pushEmmanuel Bourg
2014-06-05Fixed the substitution of the Vcs-* fieldsEmmanuel Bourg
2014-06-05Replaced "pkg-java" with $TEAMEmmanuel Bourg
2014-06-05Added a TODO listEmmanuel Bourg