BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterFixed the name of the cacao and jamvm packagesEmmanuel Bourg10 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-07-08Fixed the name of the cacao and jamvm packagesHEADmasterEmmanuel Bourg
2014-07-08Create debian/control without preexisting debian/controlThomas Klute
2014-07-02Removed the embedded copy of zlibEmmanuel Bourg
2014-07-02Removed the licenses of lcms, libjpeg, libpng and libgif from debian/copyrightEmmanuel Bourg
2014-07-02Removed the embedded copies of libpng, libgif and liblcms2Emmanuel Bourg
2014-07-01Added a description to system-lcms.patch, system-libjpeg.patch and system-lib...Emmanuel Bourg
2014-07-01Updated the aarch64 port to the version 8u5-b13Emmanuel Bourg
2014-07-01Removed the embedded copy of libjpegEmmanuel Bourg
2014-06-18Document how to regenerate debian/control for other distributionsEmmanuel Bourg
2014-06-17Make dir name in orig-tar match package nameThomas Klute