BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterUpload to unstableEmmanuel Bourg14 days
patch-queue/masterExclude asm dependencies from jnr-posixJames Page16 months
pristine-tarpristine-tar data for jenkins_1.565.3.orig.tar.xzEmmanuel Bourg3 months
unstable-updatesRelease for debian unstableJames Page23 months
upstreamImported Upstream version 1.565.3Emmanuel Bourg3 months
debian/1.565.3-3commit 97ddd79548...Emmanuel Bourg14 days
debian/1.565.3-2commit cb916384e5...Emmanuel Bourg8 weeks
debian/1.565.3-1commit d71af489e6...Emmanuel Bourg3 months
upstream/1.565.3commit 7831304fee...Emmanuel Bourg3 months
debian/1.565.2-3commit 09de88f838...Emmanuel Bourg3 months
debian/1.565.2-2commit ccd3c7b123...Emmanuel Bourg3 months
debian/1.565.2-1commit 72cfd31ab3...Emmanuel Bourg3 months
upstream/1.565.2commit 5d8812ba55...Emmanuel Bourg3 months
upstream/1.565.1commit d4ff06630c...Emmanuel Bourg3 months
upstream/1.554.3commit 6e37f7cc3b...Emmanuel Bourg3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
14 daysUpload to unstableHEADdebian/1.565.3-3masterEmmanuel Bourg
14 daysDocumented how to run Jenkins on non local addresses (Closes: #726489)Emmanuel Bourg
14 daysDocumented the security issue with master/slave setups (CVE-2014-3665)Emmanuel Bourg
2014-11-17add en upstream patch to ensure HttpOnly cookie flag is properly set and avoi...Yann Rouillard
2014-11-15Remove useless properties Debug and AllowLinking in Context definition to sup...Yann Rouillard
2014-11-15Remove Context Resource symlinks directives as they don't work anymore in Tom...Yann Rouillard
2014-11-15Added dependency on libcglib3-java to fix NoClassDefFoundError at runtimeYann Rouillard
2014-10-24Upload to unstabledebian/1.565.3-2Emmanuel Bourg
2014-10-21Added a Built-Using field for jenkins-commonEmmanuel Bourg
2014-10-18Shorter Vcs-Browser URLEmmanuel Bourg